Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 255

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Catherine could not believe it. Shaun had never checked her phone before, but he refused to give her this last bit of privacy now. “Shaun Hill, don’t go too far.”

“Too far? How would I know if you’d contact Ethan Lowe or Wesley Lyons behind my back?” Shaun never liked men who insisted on checking their woman’s phone, but when he saw the smile on Catherine’s lips earlier, his heart suddenly felt uncomfortable. He had to be sure.

Catherine never thought that the trust between them had fallen so low. However, he might misunderstand again if he saw the contents on her phone, so she simply said frankly, “I was chatting with Freya. She was talking about her boyfriend. Also… she’ll go to the hospital to see Wesley. I can’t go myself, but can’t my friends go on my behalf…?”

She watched helplessly as Shaun’s handsome face turned cold at a speed visible to the n***d eye. Her heart suddenly felt tired.

“Catherine Jones, are you that hung up on Wesley Lyons? It’s my bed you’re sleeping on now.” Shaun grabbed her phone and smashed it on the wall.

The loud crash caused Catherine to cover her ears in fright.

Shaun pried her hands away and pressed her on the bed, kissing her hard on the lips.

“Tell me, is my kiss more comfortable, or is Wesley Lyons’ kiss more comfortable?”

He kissed her like he was mad. Catherine was hurting from the kiss and pushed him away, but she could not get him to budge at all.

Shaun had drunk half a bottle of red wine in the study. His possessiveness seemed to be instantly ignited. When he remembered her kiss with Wesley, his eyes turned red as he kissed her even harder.

“Don’t, it hurts.” Catherine dodged in pain.

“Why are you avoiding my kiss? Do you wish I was Wesley instead?” Shaun was already overwhelmed by the flames of jealousy. He tore open her loungewear with force. “Did he make that night very unforgettable? Is that why you showed up at the police station with him today? You just can’t let him go.”

Catherine was genuinely frightened. She quickly grabbed his hand and shook her head helplessly. “No, I’m tired. I was scared today. I don’t want to…”

“You don’t want to because it’s me, right?” Shaun suddenly sneered. “Your mind is full of Wesley Lyons now. You’d be willing if it were him, right?”

“Why do you keep misunderstanding me?”

Catherine really felt very tired and disheartened. She almost died today, but he did not care about her at all. He only knew how to doubt her.

She smiled miserably and did not move. She stopped resisting. “Fine, just take it if you want to. Do whatever you want.”

Her tears slipped from the corners of her eyes and flowed into her hair. Her eyes were dim.

She was always being doubted, trampled on, and humiliated by him, but she was still a human being.

Shaun’s body stiffened as if he was suddenly hit on the head.

Why had he become like this? It was like he had become a demon. He could not control himself.

For a woman? He actually lost his rationality because of a woman?

He turned around and rushed into the bathroom to turn on the shower.

Cold water poured down from above him, and he was suddenly disgusted with himself.

When he came out of the shower, Catherine was sleeping on the edge of the bed with her back to him. Like a tiny quail, she curled into a ball to protect herself from harm.

Shaun slept on the other side. The two were separated by a distance, but no one came closer.

He did not know that Catherine, who had her back to him, had tears streaming down her face. She did not fall asleep until it was very late at night.

At dawn, Shaun woke up, but Catherine was no longer in bed.

He quickly got up and went downstairs. Catherine was sitting at the dining table eating oatmeal.

His brows loosened slightly, and he swiftly walked down. He sat across from her and asked coldly, “Where’s my breakfast?”


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