Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 256

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“Young Master Hill, your breakfast is here.” Aunty Linda came out with the breakfast she made.

Shaun looked at it, and his face instantly became displeased. “Catherine Jones, you didn’t make breakfast for me.”

“You were the one who said my cooking is as d***y as I am.” Catherine faced him calmly. He was always like this. When he misunderstood her, he humiliated her for making him breakfast, but then now he wanted her to cook again. Did he not get tired?

“Make it for me right now.” Shaun’s face was completely dark.

“No. I didn’t sell my body to you.” Catherine stood up after finishing her oatmeal. “I’m going to work.”

Shaun turned and spoke to Elle who was standing at the door. “Follow her closely. If she dares to go to the hospital, knock her out and bring her back here.”

“I’m not your slave.” Catherine’s eyes grew red with anger. She had already decided not to go to the hospital, but he still insisted on forcing her using these kinds of methods. “Shaun Hill, don’t go too far.”

“Since you messed with me, you should be prepared to be my slave. No one can go against me.” Shaun was expressionless, but his words were infuriating.

Catherine took her bag and left while Elle followed after her.

On the way to the company, no matter how quickly Catherine drove, Elle easily caught up with her.

At the parking lot, Catherine got out of the car and Elle swiftly followed her from behind.

“Elle, can you stop following me? I won’t go to the hospital.” Catherine walked up to Elle. Truthfully, she had a good impression of this bodyguard.

“I’m sorry, this is Young Master Hill’s order.”

“Did Shaun hire you? How much does he give you? I’ll give you double.” Catherine took out a card from her bag.

Elle was indifferent. “Miss Jones, it doesn’t matter how much you give me. I was trained by the Hill family. I only work for them.”

Catherine was stunned. Did the Hill family have a lot of people like Elle? The Hill family seemed to be more unfathomable than she thought. “So you must have been with Shaun for a long time. In that case, do you know someone called Sarah?”

A ripple suddenly flashed in Elle’s calm eyes. Although it disappeared instantly, Catherine still saw it clearly. “I heard Shaun talk about her that day. She must be his ex-girlfriend. Were they very affectionate?”

“Miss Jones, that’s all in the past. Young Master Hill only has you in his heart now,” Elle quickly said.

“Is that so?” Catherine smiled self-deprecatingly. She was just testing Elle, but Elle’s answer only made her certain that Shaun really did have an ex-girlfriend called Sarah.

He had called her name out when he was drunk. How was it possible that Catherine was the only one in his heart now?

“Elle, thank you for telling me this.”

She turned and went upstairs.

Elle followed her helplessly. She really envied the other tasks Liona had. Meanwhile, she was stuck here protecting the boss’ woman. Being sandwiched between them was like walking on thin ice.

The next day, 4:30 p.m.

Freya came out after visiting Wesley, feeling pity in her heart.

If she had not mistaken another person for him in the first place, those two would have gotten together already. Then Wesley would not have lost a kidney either.

However, there was no use crying over spilled milk now.

She took out her phone and called Patrick. “Patrick, are you going to pick my parents up, or are you going straight to Jadeite Restaurant?