Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 257

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“I’m having a meeting at the company which might go on until 5:30. I’ll drive there directly later. Help me apologize to your parents for me,” Patrick said in a soft tone.

“It’s okay, but you can’t be late. My dad hates people who don’t keep their word.”

“Don’t worry, it’s a matter of my life. I definitely won’t be late. I’ve already prepared a gift that your parents will like. We’ll book our marriage early, and I’ll marry you.” Patrick smiled sincerely.

Freya’s heart felt sweet as she listened to him.

After hanging up, she drove to pick up her parents and then went to Jadeite Restaurant.

It was exactly 5:30 p.m. when she arrived. After she ordered the food, her elder brother Forrest arrived.

At 6:00 p.m., Patrick still had not shown up. Freya’s dad got a little impatient, saying, “Why isn’t he here yet? It’s not right to make us elders wait for him.”

Freya said, “Dad, it’s rush hour now. There’s probably heavy traffic on the road.”

Her mother nodded and agreed. “The company has a lot of things to be settled at the end of the year, so it’s understandable. Just be more patient.”

Freya called Patrick, but he did not pick up. “He must not be picking up because he’s almost here.”

After another half an hour, her father lost his temper. “It’s his first meeting with us but he stood us up. Even calling him is useless. I don’t think he’s sincere at all. I won’t agree to let you marry him.”

This time, her mother did not say anything, and Forrest also had a steely face. “Break it off with him. It’s not like there are no other men in the world.”

Freya paled. In the face of her family’s accusations, she forced herself not to shed tears. She simply felt very disappointed and embarrassed.

In the past, he had stood her up countless times, but now, he even missed the first meeting with her parents. Did he really love her?

Her mother sighed. “Freya, the most important thing in a woman’s life is to find a man who is wholeheartedly good to you. You’re still young, so don’t rush to settle down. Now, let’s eat. The food is getting cold.”

Throughout the meal, it was like she was chewing on wax.

Until the end, Patrick did not call even once to explain.

After parting with her family, she drove to Patrick’s company.

His office was already dark.

She began to feel a little anxious. She was worried that Patrick had gotten into a car accident or something.

However, she did not know the numbers of Patrick’s parents. After hesitating for a moment, she called Linda.

She did not expect that the person who answered would be a familiar male voice. “Hello, Freya…”

Freya looked at her blurred silhouette on the glass window in front of her and suddenly laughed to herself. Did she look like a fool? “Why didn’t you answer when I called you? Why is Linda’s phone with you?”

“Freya, I’m sorry. Linda got into a car accident in the evening. I’m in the hospital now. I was too anxious to check my phone earlier,” Patrick said guiltily, “Oh no, it’s so late already? Have you finished eating? Please say sorry to Uncle and Aunty for me. I’ll invite them to dinner next time.”

“…There’s no next time,” Freya said in a hollow voice.

“Freya, it was really an emergency this time…”

“Yes, everything about Linda is an emergency. Is she d**d? Lame? Doesn’t she have parents anymore? Does she only have you?”

Patrick’s heart chilled. “Freya, how could you say such things? Did Linda want to get into an accident? Even if you don’t like her, you should at least show some compassion.”

Freya sneered. “Alright, I’ll ask you a question. Is she d**d? Paralyzed? Crippled?”


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