Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 258

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“Are you done?” Patrick became angry.

“She’s completely fine, isn’t she?” Freya understood everything now. “Patrick, I’m serious. Don’t come back to me in the future. We’re breaking up.”

“That’s enough. You should know which lines you shouldn’t cross.”

“It’s over. You’ll always only have Linda in your eyes. Yes, you can go to Linda’s side if she has gotten into an accident, but you can’t just completely leave my family behind. You didn’t even call me. Today was an important day for us, but you don’t care at all. In the future, I won’t have any more expectations of you, and I won’t hope for anything as well. I hope we never meet again.”

Freya hung up the phone and buried her face, crying bitterly.

After crying, she deleted Patrick’s and Linda’s contact information.

She was too tired of being tormented by these two people. In the future, there would be no expectation, no hope, and no pain.

At that moment, she wanted to find someone to drink and talk to.

She wanted to call Catherine, but she remembered that Catherine was not free now. As such, she drove to the bar herself.

All of Melbourne’s bars were in one street.

There were only a few bars that rich kids would visit.

At 11:00 p.m., Chase and Shaun came down from the room upstairs.

After having dinner tonight, Shaun did not want to go back to the villa, so Chase accompanied him to the bar again. However, Shaun did not drink much today, probably because he was tired from being drunk.

“Shaun, are you going back to Canberra for New Year’s? If you aren’t, my grandfather told you to come to our place,” Chase said as he walked. When he glanced to the side, he suddenly saw a woman sitting by the bar. She wore a pale yellow woolen coat which complemented her fair skin, and her long wavy hair was draped over her shoulders. Her three-dimensional features were very delicate like she was of mixed race.

However, she seemed to be completely drunk. Two men beside her kept pulling and tugging at her.

“Isn’t that Freya Lynch? Why is she drinking alone here?” Chase and Freya had hung out several times before, and he had a good impression of her. She was girlish and cheerful, but not spoiled or fake.

Shaun glanced over and recognized her as Catherine’s best friend.

He rubbed his brows. If something happened to her friend, she would definitely be worried. “Go and get rid of those two men.”

Chase immediately went over and grabbed the men who were pawing at Freya’s back.

“You little sh*t… Young Master Harrison…” The man saw Chase’s face clearly and froze.

“Get out of my sight immediately. This is my friend. I’ll k**l whoever dares to touch her in the future,” Chase warned and kicked him.

The two men immediately slipped away. Everyone knew that Chase Harrison’s word was law in the bars in this area. Provoking him was equivalent to a d***h wish.

“Freya, come on, let’s go back. I’ll send you home.” Chase helped Freya up.

Freya leaned on him, swaying since she was too drunk to walk steadily. Her mouth was still yelling, “I’m not going home! I still wanna drink! Happy breakup day! Only by waving goodbye to the wrong will you meet with the right…”

Chase helped her to the car, looking gloomy. ‘This woman just broke up, huh? How much did she drink?’

“You sit in the back.” Shaun went to the front passenger seat, so Chase could only sit in the back with Freya.

As soon as poor Chase got into the car, Freya grabbed his collar and scolded him, “Patrick Jackson, you b*stard, you *sshole! I loved you for eight years, but you only have Linda in your eyes. Are you blind?”


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