Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 260

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 260

Suddenly, the lights came on.

Then, the blanket on her body was pulled off. The man’s cold voice sounded from above her. “Get up.”

“Shaun Hill? What are you up to now?” Catherine sat up tiredly and looked at him. She froze. The man’s eyes were bloodshot, making him look terrifyingly cold.

Shaun looked at her innocent face. He could still remember clearly the first time he met her, as well as every word and every subtle expression she made. “Let me ask you. Why did you seduce me in the bar?”

“Why are you suddenly asking that?” Catherine avoided his eyes, not wanting to answer the question.

However, Shaun did not let her hide and grabbed her chin. His cold eyes locked onto hers. “Was it because you mistook me for Ethan Lowe’s uncle?”

A buzz seemed to ring in her brain as if she was struck by lightning.


Catherine’s mind was at a loss. How did Shaun find out about that?

Shaun stared at her and clearly saw all the changes in her expression. Her face grew pale. There was panic, shock, and helplessness in her eyes.

His heart also went cold inch by inch.

These days, he had simply been a fool. He had believed that she fell in love with him at first sight. He thought that he had the upper hand in the relationship, but she had been playing with him from the start.

All of her love was fake. All of her sweetness was fake. Everything good was fake.

However, his heart was actually moved by such a hypocritical woman.

“No… That’s not…” Catherine was at a loss and did not know what to do.

“Your schemes really make me sick.” Shaun shook her away and wiped his hand hard with a tissue as if he had touched something d***y.

Catherine was stung hard by his actions. “Okay, I admit it. It was true at first, but then—”

“Then you ran into Wesley Lyons at Ethan Lowe’s engagement party and you realized that you misidentified the person, so you immediately said you wanted to divorce me, right?”

On the way back home, Shaun had already figured everything out. He did not realize it before, but now he found that there were all sorts of things that were suspicious. “Unfortunately, you were later framed by the Jones family and were about to go to jail. No one could save you, so your best friend could only come to beg me and continue to deceive me, letting me think that you really loved me.”

Catherine’s lips were pale. He was really too smart. Everything was like he had guessed. “Yes, but when you saved me at the construction site, I was really moved by you.”

“Shut your mouth. There’s no truth in anything that comes out of your mouth nor your best friend’s.”

Shaun grew increasingly furious as he spoke. He could not control himself and pressed her to the bed, fiercely choking her neck. “Even if you weren’t drugged by Rebecca Jones at the bar that night, you’d have wanted to sleep with Wesley Lyons anyway, right? You merely hooked up with me and then went to accompany Wesley to bed? Don’t you get tired?”

“Am I really such a person in your heart?” As she was being choked, she could not breathe. This side of him scared her.

“Aren’t you? I wanted to f*ck you before, but you kept pushing me away. Later, when you learned about my true identity, you immediately wanted to sleep with me. It’s a pity that those photos made me completely realize your true face. Do you know that the last person who offended me has already gone to h**l?”

Shaun was like a furious beast. The force of his hands increased.

Catherine’s face flushed red, and tears kept falling from her eyes. Her vision turned black, and she thought that she was about to suffocate and d*e.

Shaun jerked her away and punched the pillow beside her hard.

His bloodshot eyes looked at her. “I won’t k**l you because I don’t want to get my hands d***y.”

Then, he slammed the door and left the bedroom.

Catherine hugged her knees and buried her head in them. Her heart felt empty.

Perhaps, it was all wrong from the beginning.