Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 262

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“Do you think I’ll still believe your words?” Shaun did not bother looking into Catherine’s eyes.

Catherine lowered her eyes in silence. By the look of things, it appeared that there was nothing she could explain further.

She took a pen and signed the papers.

Her heart had never been this heavy when she was signing ‘Catherine Jones’.

“I’m done. I’m going upstairs to pack my things. I’ll leave right after.”

She turned around and headed upstairs. Shaun did not plan to turn his head around. However, he eventually looked back and glanced at her in spite of himself.

She was dressed in pink loungewear, and her hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall. A cedar-like scent lingered in the spot where she just left.

Shaun clenched his fists. The harder he clenched his fists, the less s*********n he felt in his chest.

He originally thought of lecturing her before she signed the papers.

Unexpectedly, she signed them without further hesitation. She probably could not wait to get together with Wesley again.


He scoffed sarcastically. Having been through many obstacles, he certainly would not k**l himself just because of her departure.

Half an hour later, Catherine dragged her suitcases downstairs. At this moment, no one was in the living room, and the breakfast she made earlier had all ended up in the garbage bin.

She curled her lips. Wiping the tears in the corners of her eyes, she left.

As she watched the villa become further away through the rear-view mirror of the car, she muttered internally, ‘Goodbye, Shaun.’

She used to view this place as her only home and Shaun as her only family member.

Right now, she was finally alone again.

Less than 20 minutes after she left, Chase’s car was seen at the villa.

He swiftly ran upstairs, only to find Shaun standing on the balcony with his eyes on the road. He was holding a cigarette, and the ashtray beside him was filled with cigarette butts.

“Shaun, are you really going to return to Canberra?” Chase said sentimentally, “I’ll miss you, and it’ll feel different not having you around.”

“Are you going to miss me or miss having me as your law firm’s source of income?” Shaun let the ashes from the cigarette fall indifferently.


Embarrassed, Chase gave a light cough. “Look, even though you’ve been here for just a short period of time, you’ve raked in over a billion dollars for my law firm this year.”

Shaun shoved his hands into his pockets. His dark, deep eyes revealed a sense of chill.

Chase sighed. “Fine. If I’d known this earlier, I wouldn’t have invited you to Melbourne. So when are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow. Get someone to sell this villa.”

After speaking in an apathetic tone, Shaun turned around and entered the house.

Having nowhere to go for the time being, Catherine headed to Freya’s apartment.

After Catherine pressed the doorbell for some time, Freya opened the door. Her hair was unkempt and there was a strong smell of alcohol on her.

“Why did you come with your suitcases?” Puzzled and astonished, Freya looked at the two suitcases beside Catherine’s legs.

“I got a divorce, and I’ve been kicked out of the house. Since I haven’t bought a house, I have nowhere to stay except for your place.” Catherine dragged her suitcases into the house. She flopped onto the couch like a soulless puppet.

“What?” Freya flew into a rage. “Is it because of the photos? As your boyfriend, how could he not believe in you? I’m going to make him pay. He has gone too far…”


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