Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 264

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Catherine had been feeling guilty over the way she treated Wesley.

She stood in front of the ward with flowers and fruits. When she was about to knock on the door, she suddenly heard a woman weeping softly in the room.

“Don’t cry, Mom.” Wesley comforted his mother.

“How can I not cry? You’re the only son in the Lyons family. I was expecting you to carry on the Lyons family’s lineage, but look what has happened. I wonder who exposed the matter regarding your kidney? All the women who initially wished to marry you are now shunning you. Nobody wants to marry you either.”

Wesley replied, “It doesn’t matter, Mom. Anyway, I don’t feel like getting married yet.”

“I was the one who gave birth to you. Do you think I’ll buy it? You can’t stop thinking about Catherine, right? You even risked your life because of her.”


Holding the basket of fruits tightly, Catherine listened to what Old Madam Lyons said next. “She’s not even concerned about you. You’ve been admitted to the hospital for days, yet she hasn’t visited you at all.”

“Enough, Mom. It’s my choice. Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to be with her. Protecting her and watching her live happily is more than enough.”

Catherine had a lump in her throat. Something seemed to be stuck in her throat, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Never did she expect that Wesley would be so deeply in love with her.

“Why are you standing here?”

Old Master Lyons snorted in annoyance behind Catherine out of the blue.

Catherine was shocked, and those in the room subsequently looked at her.

With that, she entered the room reluctantly.

It hit Wesley that Catherine might have heard what he said. Consequently, his handsome face started to blush. “Cathy, why could you visit me today? Is Shaun mad?”

“I’ve just arrived. We’ve already… broken up.” Catherine raised her head and looked at him. He seemed to have become much thinner in just a couple of days. The hospital gown looked loose on him while his elegant, handsome face showed that he was suffering from malnutrition.

“Why did the both of you break up suddenly?” Wesley was dumbfounded. “Was it because of me…”

“No. There are too many problems between us.” Catherine changed the subject. “Are you getting better now?”

“How could he possibly be getting better?” Old Madam Lyons rose to her feet with a stony face. “He lost a kidney, not a part of his flesh. He can’t even restore his metabolism yet. As his arms are suffering from nerve damage, he needs to go through a few more months of treatment. What’s worse, his future will be affected. The doctor said that he can’t afford to experience any fatigue and he has to be cautious in his diet. Otherwise, he’ll lose his life. Considering that he usually needs to manage such a large company, I’m guessing he can’t live a long life.”

Old Master Lyons reproached her, “What nonsense are you talking about? Mind your words.”

“Am I wrong? We’re already in our late 60s and 70s because we had our son late. We probably have to look after him forever.”

Old Madam Lyons wiped away the tears on her face. “Is there any woman from a decent family willing to marry him? My poor son, I’m worried about your future.”

Gripped by guilt, Catherine turned pale. She was at her wits’ end.

“Stop it, Mom.” Wesley stopped her amid the pain in his head

“Am I wrong? You got injured all because of her. Did she take care of you even for a day? It would’ve been better for you to have saved a stranger than her,” Old Madam Lyons added in a huff, “In my opinion, she should be the one looking after you forever to make it up to you. Anyway, you can’t find a wife at the moment, so let her be the compensation.”

“Mom…” Wesley lost his temper, and his handsome face turned ghastly all of a sudden. The pain was so excruciating that he broke out in a cold sweat. Meanwhile, his blood pressure was shown skyrocketing on the monitor.


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