Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 265

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Everyone panicked and quickly called the doctor.

The doctor reproached, “The patient has just undergone a major operation. You guys must not provoke him. Are you guys hoping for him to d*e?”

Everyone kept quiet right away. Even Old Madam Lyons shut her mouth embarrassedly.

Wesley was so tired that he fell asleep in no time. Again, Old Madam Lyons glared at Catherine resentfully.

Catherine lowered her eyes and long lashes. “Stop telling me off, Madam. I’ll return the favor to him. From today onward, I’ll take care of him. Even after he recovers, I’ll take care of his diet and life until he gets a wife.”

“But what if he can’t get a wife?”

“That won’t happen.”

Old Madam Lyons scoffed. “Who’s willing to marry a man with a missing organ? If there are issues with the other kidney, he’ll probably d*e first. Moreover, I don’t think anybody else in the world would be willing to risk their lives to save you.”


Catherine remained silent for half a minute and then slowly spoke with a hoarse voice, “Alright. I promise to marry him.”

In the cafe.

When Freya learned about the news, she almost spilled the coffee. “Are you out of your mind? You’re planning to return the favor by sacrificing your life, huh?”

“I owe him too much.”

Catherine sipped on the coffee that tasted very bitter. “What’s more, our photo has been shared everywhere. Everyone is under the impression that we’re having an intimate relationship. Furthermore, he sacrificed one of his kidneys to save me…”

Freya sighed upon hearing that. “Wesley is deeply in love with you. He has always been secretly protecting you, but you and Shaun…”

“We’re never getting back together.” Catherine showed a bitter look. She did not tell Freya that Shaun was actually a member of the Hill family. Catherine and Shaun were separated by an ocean, and the two of them belonged in two different worlds. In addition, their mindsets were quite different as well.

“Alright then. In fact, sometimes it’s better for a woman to look for a man who loves her more than she loves him. This way, the woman won’t feel exhausted.” Reminded of her own love experience, Freya sighed. “By the way, I’m planning to work in Canberra right after the new year.”

Catherine lifted her head in astonishment. “Why are you going there out of the blue?”

“It’s not really out of the blue. Last year, Osher Corporation from Canberra offered me the position of chief cosmetic chemist. I couldn’t bear to part with Patrick, so I turned down the job. The company offered me the job again last month, and I accepted it yesterday.”

Freya gazed out of the window disconsolately. “I’ve been thinking about Patrick throughout my time in Melbourne. I wish to see the world, and I believe I’ll slowly get over the relationship in the course of time.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” All of a sudden, the situation left a void in Catherine as her one and only friend was going to leave her. “I might head to Canberra and grow Hudson’s business there next year. Regarding my mom’s d***h… I want to investigate it as well.”

“You’re right. Your dad is from Canberra as well. I’ll wait for you to come over.”

At night, Catherine packed her suitcases. When she opened one of them, she suddenly found The Queen’s Necklace in it.

At that time, she had hurriedly packed her things and forgot to check them carefully. Surprisingly, she had brought the necklace along.

Considering that the item was costly, she could not possibly keep it.

The next day, she drove to the villa again. She spent quite some time pressing the doorbell, but no one opened the door.

“You don’t have to press it anymore. The owner has left Melbourne.” A man dressed in a black suit appeared behind her.

“You are…”

“I’m a property agent. I came to take a few photos of the villa to share it online and sell it,” the man smiled and said, “The owner said that he wants to sell it at a cheap price. Given its location and design, I believe it’ll be sold off very shortly.”


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