Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 266

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As soon as the property agent finished speaking, he suddenly noticed that the woman’s pretty face looked pale. She nearly missed her footing. “Are you okay, pretty lady?”

“I… I’m okay.” Catherine handed him her business card. “I’d like to buy this villa, but I hope you won’t reveal my identity to the previous owner. I’ll pay you a commission as well.”

“Oh, alright, sure.” The property agent was excited. Little did he expect that he would be able to sell the villa just by walking to the entrance. What an easy task.

After getting into the car, Catherine was overwhelmed by a sense of frustration. All of a sudden, she felt as if her heart had been hollowed out.

Even though she had signed the divorce papers, she did not expect Shaun to leave Melbourne so soon.

It would mean that both of them might not meet each other anymore since they were in different cities.

She had resigned herself to the situation, but why was her heart still aching so much that she could hardly breathe?

She gripped The Queen’s Necklace while weeping hysterically.

40 minutes later, she showed up at the lobby of the law firm with a pair of sunglasses on her face.

The receptionist at the entrance immediately recognized her. After seeing her, the receptionist sighed dejectedly as she would no longer be able to see Mr. Hill’s handsome face every day. “Are you looking for Mr. Hill? He has left.”

“I’m looking for Chase.”

The receptionist contacted Chase’s assistant right away.

Soon, she arranged for Catherine to go up.

In the office, Catherine passed a velvet box to Chase. “The Queen’s Necklace is in the box. Please pass it to him.”

“Shaun won’t want it,” Chase said helplessly, “Take it back. I think he’ll throw it once he sees it.”

“Let him throw it, then. This item is worth three billion dollars, which is costly to me. I don’t want to owe him.” With that, Catherine got up and left.

Catherine received a call from the detention center in the afternoon. It was mentioned that Jeffery was keen on seeing her for the last time.

Jeffery’s and Sally’s sentences had been handed down. Since Sally was the assailant, she was sentenced to 20 years.

As for Jeffery, he was sentenced to only ten years for being the accomplice. Considering their old age, their lives were basically over.

After some thought, she decided to visit them.

When she saw Jeffery again after a couple of days, he already had gray hair as if he had grown ten years older.

“Why did you ask me to come?” Catherine asked indifferently. She already had no feelings for him at all.

Jeffery replied miserably, “I regret it, and I’ve surrendered to my fate. I’ve transferred all of Hudson’s shares to you. All I hope is that you’ll let Rebecca off the hook. After all, she’s your cousin, who’s also your only family member.”

“She has done a lot of evil things.” Catherine frowned in sarcasm. “When she hurt me, did she even think of me as her cousin?”

Jeffery gnashed his teeth. “Did you also ask someone to hurt her? Ever since Sally and I were sent to jail, she hasn’t visited us at all.”

Stunned, Catherine was left speechless. “With a lot of things going on recently, I didn’t even have time to do anything to her. It’s unsurprising that she hasn’t come and visited you, though. How long have you raised her? For a cruel person like her who will do anything to achieve her goals, do you still expect her to be filial to you? I’m sure she’s now shunning you as much as she can.”

Jeffery widened his eyes in a daze. What Catherine said appeared to come as a huge blow to him.

When Jeffery and Sally gave it a thought, they realized that Rebecca was indeed the sort who was more selfish than them. How could they possibly pin their hopes on that daughter?

She was their biological daughter, but so what? If they were badly off, she would not want to acknowledge them either.


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