Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 267

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Jeffery forced a smile. In fact, Catherine had been a filial daughter. However, Jeffery and Sally had never really paid attention to her only because she was not their biological child. “You’re right. It’s my fault, Catherine.”

“I hope you’ll feel remorse in prison for what you’ve done.” Catherine stood up and left the detention center.

After she returned to the office, she asked her assistant to look into Rebecca.

The assistant soon brought her news about Rebecca. “She has gone missing for quite a few days. She didn’t even bring along the things from her house. There haven’t been any transactions in her bank account either. She seems to have vanished into thin air.”

Catherine was dumbfounded. Little did she expect that Rebecca would vanish just like that after having a long battle with her. By the look of things, she did not actually run away. Her life was probably in danger.

These days, Catherine worked and looked after Wesley. Basically, one could say that they were living together.

She spent New Year’s Eve in Wesley’s villa.

At night, the Lyons family’s house was well lit.

As Catherine pushed Wesley, who was sitting in the wheelchair, from the room, she happened to meet Ethan, Tracy, and Sonya who came to have dinner. The three of them were stunned to see her.

Sonya’s expression hardened straight away. “Catherine, how shameless you are to appear in our house—”

“Shut up. Call her ‘Sister-in-law’ next time.” Old Madam Lyons walked toward Sonya and told her off. “She’ll be engaged to Wesley after New Year’s. Stop bringing up anything that happened in the past.”

She paused and then said to Ethan, “You have to call her ‘Aunt’.”


At that instant, Sonya and Ethan wore incredulous expressions.

Catherine felt like shedding tears due to it being so awkward.

This was the scene she had dreamed of several months ago. Although the great scene had finally taken place, she did not take delight in it.

“Dad, are you guys kidding?” Sonya nearly went crazy. Previously, Catherine almost became her daughter-in-law, yet Sonya had to call her ‘Sister-in-law’ now. Was God tricking her?

Old Master Lyons glared at Sonya. “She’s now the person in charge of Hudson. Her status is higher than yours. Is it hard for you to call her ‘Sister-in-law’?”

Sonya kept quiet at once.

She was not a fool. If Wesley and Catherine got married, it would benefit the Lyons family. What was more, with Wesley’s current condition, any woman from an eminent family would definitely refuse to marry him.

In the kitchen, Catherine put on an apron and prepared some herbal tonics.

Given that Wesley’s body was weak, she had taken complete charge of his diet.

When Ethan walked in, he felt tightness in his chest at the sight of Catherine’s back.

He was aware of her great cooking. She often cooked various foods for him back then too.

However, he would no longer get such treatment.

“Cathy, are you really willing to marry my uncle?” Ethan approached her and stared at her soft, exquisite side profile under the lights.

Catherine lowered her head, putting the herbs into the pot. “He needs me to take care of him.”

Ethan gave a bitter laugh. “I wish I was there that day. I would’ve been ready to save you from being stabbed too…”

“If I weren’t the chairwoman of Hudson, you wouldn’t save me.” Catherine lifted her head and gazed at him disapprovingly.

Ethan’s handsome face became stiff.

“Stop saying this kind of stuff. Your girlfriend is outside.” Catherine walked out of the kitchen while speaking.

At 12:00 a.m., fireworks lit up the night sky.