Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 268

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Catherine held Wesley’s arm and walked him to the bed. When she tucked him in bed, Wesley gripped her hand.

With fireworks reflected in his dark pupils, they appeared to be brightly illuminating his eyes. “Cathy, are you really willing to get engaged to me? Don’t regret it.”

“I’m afraid that you’ll be the one regretting it instead.” Catherine frowned and said thoughtfully, “I’m planning to move Hudson’s headquarters to Canberra next year. I want to find out the reason behind my mom’s d***h. I have no idea how powerful my future enemies will be—”

“I’ll keep you company. I’ll go to the ends of the earth to help you during my lifetime,” Wesley interrupted her sentence with a determined tone.

Stunned, Catherine remained quiet for some time. Considering Wesley’s behavior, she could not bear to reject and hurt him.

“Thank you.”

After the new year, Catherine focused her mind on work.

Hudson’s new properties rapidly sold off, easing the company’s cash flow.

When she was packing her things to leave that evening, the receptionist suddenly gave her a call. “Director Jefferson is here. He brought someone along who claims that he wants to meet you.”

Catherine was dazed. Chris had returned to Brisbane after assisting her in consolidating her position as chairwoman, so why was he here all of a sudden?

Five minutes later, the office door was pushed open.

Chris walked to the door and courteously extended his arm. Subsequently, a tall man who gave off an aura of calmness and nobility walked in.

The man had attractive features, but she could tell that he was middle-aged from his eye wrinkles. Men were most mature at this age.

Chris was also middle-aged, yet his aura and qualities were incomparable to those of this man’s.

As soon as the man entered the office, he stared intently at Catherine. His eyes seemed to be conveying all kinds of emotions including nostalgia, joy, melancholy, and misery.

“Uncle Chris, this is…” Catherine was filled with puzzlement.

Chris replied, “He’s your dad, Joel Yule.”

Catherine’s head exploded.

She had thought about her biological father before. With his sudden appearance now, however, she could not help but feel stupefied.

What was more, the name ‘Joel Yule’ rang a bell in her mind!

He was one of the top ten brilliant figures in Australia last year.

She had previously come across news describing that Joel came from the Yule family in Canberra. He was one of the most benevolent people in Canberra, and moreover, he was an outstanding man himself.

It was believed that the Yule family was not particularly powerful at first. Under Joel’s leadership throughout these few years, however, they turned out to be one of the wealthiest families in the city.

This man was actually her biological father.

She found it absolutely unbelievable.

“You’re the spitting image of your mom.” Joel continued to stare at Catherine with tears welling in his eyes. “I didn’t expect that Sherry would hide it from me. She actually gave birth to our daughter.”

“Miss Jones was just hoping that Catherine could grow up safe,” Chris said in a low voice.

“You’re right. I was incompetent at that time.” Joel clenched his fists, seemingly reminded of something painful. “If I hadn’t heard about the recent appointment of a young woman, who was Sheryl’s daughter, as the chairwoman of Hudson, I might not have known of your existence.”

Too many things had happened to Catherine lately. Despite experiencing a wave of emotions inside her, she calmed herself down soon after. “So… why do you want to meet me?”

She asked nonchalantly and indifferently. Joel was momentarily stunned but soon showed a nostalgic expression. “Your character is similar to Sherry’s back then, Catherine. I’d like to bring you back to the Yule family to make up for all I’ve owed you over the years.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. You already have your own family and have a child. I won’t go back.”

Fed up with family conflict, Catherine rejected him.