Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 269

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“Cathy…” An anxious look crossed Joel’s face. “You must come with me. I need to keep an eye on you so that I can protect you. Your identity will soon be exposed. A lot of them from the Yule family have found out about my relationship with your mom back then.”

Catherine was stunned.

Chris then explained, “The Yule family has a lot of assets that other youngsters in the family are eyeing. Since you’re President Yule’s daughter, you’ll come into his inheritance in the future. Some people will risk their lives for the sake of power.”

Catherine was annoyed and speechless, but she was not interested in his wealth at all. In fact, the sudden appearance of her father had placed a burden on her.

“Don’t panic, Mr. Yule. I’ll persuade her. Let’s visit Sheryl now.” Chris changed the subject.

Catherine agreed to join them. During the journey, Joel told her a lot of stories about how he met Sheryl.

However, she was not touched at all. She asked, “Why did you break up with my mom back then?”

“20 years ago, I was powerless. I was set up and accidentally slept with my current wife, Nicola Wicks. After your mom found out, she just left. Not long after, I heard that she passed away.”

A bitter look washed over Joel’s face. “Then, I began living my life in a daze. When Nicola got pregnant, I agreed to marry her to take responsibility for the child.”

As Catherine listened to him, she was filled with hatred. What a campy story it was. She pitied her mother for being the victim.

After visiting the cemetery, she left under the pretext of having something to attend to.

As Joel watched her walk away, he let out a long sigh. “Oh, Chris. Looks like my daughter doesn’t want to acknowledge me.”

“Catherine has suffered a lot in the Jones family last year,” Chris explained.

“Yeah. It’s my fault that I came so late. I must bring her back to the Yule family. I want to make it up to her and take good care of her,” Joel said guiltily.

The next morning, Catherine had a meeting. After that, she returned to the office and Chris was already waiting for her there.

“Uncle Chris, did you already know earlier that he’s my dad?” Catherine asked directly, “Are you hoping that I’ll return to the Yule family too?”

Chris was frank with her. “Catherine, you can only find out who k****d your mom back then if you return to the Yule family. I’ve always suspected that it was Nicola.”

Catherine’s head hurt. She had to be involved in another family conflict when she had just finally ended one. The exhaustion was indescribable.

“Was she jealous of my mom back then so she chose to k**l her?”

“Nicola is a particularly b****l person. She’s also the eldest daughter of the Wicks family.” Chris sighed and spoke honestly, “It’s fine if you don’t feel like investigating the issue. In fact, it’s been many years since your mom passed away. The past has long since gone with the wind. Currently, Joel and Nicola are on good terms. It won’t be easy for you to deal with her anyway.”

Catherine kept quiet.

Chris then rose to his feet. “I came here just to let you know about this matter. Having said that, bear in mind that if Nicola finds out about your existence, she’ll certainly be the first person to deal with you. Rather than being left high and dry, you’d better stay by Joel’s side.”

“Joel has a wife and daughter whom he has lived with for over 20 years. Apart from the fact that I’m related to him by blood, will I even be able to defeat them?” Catherine gave a bitter laugh.

Chris replied seriously, “Joel was truly in love with your mom back then. He has been thinking about her throughout these years. He’ll protect you.”

Upon hearing that, Catherine stayed silent for a long time.

At night.

The Lyons family’s courtyard.

Wesley took the medicine from Catherine’s palm. His dark eyes carried somberness that was slightly complicated. “You’re actually Joel’s daughter. That means… I’m undeservedly with you who’s of higher status now.”


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