Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 271

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Catherine was taken aback. She drastically changed her attitude toward her father. “Won’t it be… too troublesome?”

“It’s just a small matter.” Joel carelessly touched her long hair. “Even if you plan to divorce in the future, you won’t feel that you owe Wesley.”

“Dad…” Catherine was shocked that the word came out of her mouth without her realizing it.

Joel was overjoyed. “Say that once again.”

Awkward, Catherine lowered her head and kept quiet.

Joel smiled. “I’ve experienced the first flush of love as well. When I parted briefly with your mom back then, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t stop thinking about her, which is different from how you guys behaved just now. I can see that he likes you. But once you boarded the plane, I think you were relieved instead.”

Catherine did not utter a word. Compared to Jeffery, Joel was much better in that he was observant and was really concerned about her. Perhaps she would be able to feel the long-lost fatherly warmth during her trip to Canberra this time.

After getting off the plane, Joel took her to a villa located in Sherman Mountain.

There were quite a number of villas and manors on Sherman Mountain, all belonging to the wealthy and powerful figures in Canberra regardless of their size. Those figures were considered to be some of the richest people in the world.

Catherine caught sight of many luxurious villas along the way. One of the grandest manors situated halfway up the mountain stood out from the rest

When Joel noticed that she was observing the manor curiously, he introduced it to her. “That manor belongs to the Hill family in Canberra.”

The Hill family…

Catherine’s heart skipped a beat.

Originally, she thought that she could never be in touch with Shaun again. Little did she expect that she would one day live so close to the Hill family’s house. Was Shaun living there too? What was his identity in the Hill family? Would they meet again?

However, she stopped thinking about it since it was all in the past.

Joel and Catherine arrived at the villa. As soon as the car was parked, an elegant and poised young woman walked out. “You’re back, hubby. She must be Cathy. I didn’t know that she looks so pretty.”

“This is Aunty Nicola,” Joel said softly.

“Hi, Aunty Nicola.” Nicola’s behavior caught Catherine by surprise. She was under the impression that Nicola would welcome her with a long face. Anyway, she did not believe that a woman would sincerely treat her husband’s illegitimate child well. This woman must be difficult to deal with.

“Ah, how polite of you.” Nicola smiled. She turned her head around and rushed into the villa all of a sudden. She then yelled, “Stop playing games, Melanie. Come and meet your sister.”

“Mom, you didn’t even give birth to a daughter before I was born.” A young lady who was almost the same age as Catherine walked out of the villa. Her face was shaped like a melon seed while her cheeks were bewitching. Her skin appeared fairer than snow.

When Melanie Yule met Catherine, she looked unhappy right after she gazed at Catherine properly.

Catherine knew where Melanie was coming from. She bore a passing resemblance to Joel, whereas Melanie bore a strong resemblance to him. In that case, the two of them looked quite alike. However, Melanie’s lips and teeth were not as exquisite as Catherine’s.

Well, how could a rich young lady who had been behaving arrogantly since young possibly accept another lady who looked like her but was even prettier than her?

Melanie said in a teasing manner, “She doesn’t even look like Dad. Could she have been picked up?”

“How are we not alike? If you don’t know what to say, just shut your mouth. From now on, she’s the first young lady of the Yule family. You’re the second young lady,” Joel ordered with a stony expression.

“Dad, I should be the first young lady.” Melanie went mad and stomped her feet in dissatisfaction.

“It’s fine, Dad. Whether or not I’m the first young lady, it doesn’t matter. We’re your daughters anyway,” Catherine turned her head around and said to Joel, “I can understand how Melanie feels. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t feel good about it either.”