Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 274

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In the morning, Catherine went downstairs after a poor night’s sleep. The atmosphere in the living room was quite different.

Joel sat still on the couch while Melanie hugged his arm and said with delight, “Dad, you don’t know how enthusiastically Elder Young Master Hill behaved toward me last night. Among all the ladies, he took a fancy to me at first glance and even invited me to dance with him. Old Madam Hill also had a long chat with me, asking me to be his girlfriend.”

Nicola grinned from ear to ear. “Melanie is the bearer of good fortune. I knew she could find her Mr. Right with her beauty and talent, but I just didn’t expect her to be able to marry Elder Young Master Hill. Goodness, Elder Young Master Hill is the richest man in Australia. The whole Hill family’s assets will all go to her in the future.”

“Don’t forget there’s Liam in the family.” With a frown, Joel reminded Nicola and Melanie at the sight of their expressions.

“So what? Although everyone knows that Elder Young Master Hill has left Hill Corporation sometime earlier, Liam is too incompetent to manage the company well.”

Melanie said arrogantly, “Even if Elder Young Master Hill doesn’t get to take charge of Hill Corporation, his identity as the elder young master is still outstanding. There’s no one else I’d like to marry in my life except him.”

Nicola was full of smiles. “Both of you fell in love at first sight and are simply made for each other.”

Joel revealed a trace of annoyance. “So you actually attended the Hill family’s banquet. Why did you guys hide it from me? You were afraid that I’d ask Catherine to join too, huh? You have such malicious intent.”

Melanie pouted. “What’s the point of asking her to join? Considering that she has never seen such a grand occasion, I was worried she would bring shame upon our family. What’s more, doesn’t she already have a fiancé? If she meets so many wealthy figures in Canberra, she might decide to dump her fiancé who holds a lower rank in spite of herself.”

“You…” Joel was so furious that he slapped the table and stood up. However, the minute he caught sight of Catherine standing at the stairs, he froze all of a sudden. “Cathy…”

“Oops, Cathy, don’t get Melanie wrong.” Nicola wore a smile. “Actually, Melanie was just worried that you’re not used to attending such banquets, given that you just came from Melbourne. What’s more, the Hill family’s banquets are always extraordinary.”

Catherine secretly raised her brows. How creative her stepmother was in phrasing her words. At the end of the day, they just wanted to mock her for not having seen much of the world.

Anyhow, she had never thought of approaching Elder Young Master Hill.

She even wanted to give the people from the Hill family a wide berth.

“It doesn’t matter. Being able to become the daughter of the Yule family is an honor for me. I have no intention of climbing the social ladder at all.” Catherine gave a faint, gentle smile.

Nicola and Melanie were stunned. Was Catherine trying to tease them for being greedy to yearn for a higher status despite their already powerful background?

Sure enough, Joel looked even more annoyed while staring at Nicola and Melanie.

Nicola said, “Hubby, I’m doing this for your sake. If our daughter is able to marry Elder Young Master Hill, your status will be different.”

“Dad, I’m now Elder Young Master Hill’s girlfriend,” Melanie added with a pout, “Elder Young Master Hill said that he’ll come over tonight to have dinner.”

“What? Young Master Hill is coming?” Nicola trembled in agitation. “Hubby, did you hear that? Looks like Melanie is going to marry Elder Young Master Hill soon.”

Joel was quite surprised too. Anyway, if Elder Young Master Hill was really coming, he had to treat him carefully. “Okay, I’ll ask the kitchen servant to prepare more good food and good wine tonight.”

Overjoyed, Melanie quickly said, “Dad, I think I have a limited wardrobe. I need to dress well since Young Master Hill is coming tonight…”

“Alright, go and get some clothes with your mom.” Joel tossed a card. “Don’t keep buying clothes for Melanie only. Catherine just came and has very few clothes, so get her 20 to 30 sets of clothes too. Ask the shops to deliver them here straight away.”

Nicola’s and her daughter’s smiles turned stiff. Just as Melanie was about to vent her frustration, Nicola glared at her. After that, the two of them went shopping. Joel sighed as he watched them leave. “Catherine, I hope you don’t mind. Your sister is materialistic and has been pampered by Aunty Nicola too much.”

“Dad, it’s alright. I don’t mind.”

Catherine shook her head with a gentle smile. Her dark eyes were bright and charming. She had not applied anything on her face, and she looked as fair as Snow White.

Joel was slightly stunned. Deep down, he felt sympathy for her.

For a beauty like Catherine, she was in fact a better match for Elder Young Master Hill. Unfortunately, fate was cruel. He wished he had brought her home earlier.

“Come on, I’m going to take you to Yule Corporation for a visit.”


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