Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 275

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Catherine was not interested in Yule Corporation. Even so, she visited the office as she could not bring herself to refuse Joel’s kind offer.

She only returned from the office with Joel at 5:00 p.m.

The lanterns which had been lit up in the Yule household shone brightly. Many costly plants and flowers were also added to the courtyard that had been thoroughly cleaned.

When they entered the manor, Nicola was ordering the servants to clean the surrounding area.

Melanie had changed into a branded chic woolen top that was the most expensive haute couture this season. She wore a skirt which was paired with a pair of tights. There was also a fleece scarf wrapped around her shoulders.

She deliberately had her long hair styled as well. The front of her hair was curled and the back of it was braided. She looked like a princess.

“Hubby, I heard you took Cathy… to the office today, did you?” Nicola approached Joel and asked knowingly.

“Is there anything wrong with taking my own daughter to the office?” Joel’s brows furrowed.

“Of course not.” Suppressing her resentment deep down, Nicola said with a smile, “Catherine, I bought you a lot of branded clothes today. These clothes are probably not available in Melbourne. Go and try on the clothes now. You can’t be dressed poorly when Elder Young Master Hill comes later.”

“Go ahead.” Joel finally stopped feeling disgusted by his wife.

When Catherine went upstairs and opened her closet, she smiled at the sight of the clothes inside.

Sure enough, they were all branded clothes. However, they were all launched several years ago but could not be sold off due to their old-fashioned colors. If she were to meet the eminent figures in Canberra while dressed in any of these clothes, she would definitely be laughed at.

Nevertheless, it did not matter to her as she was confident about her beauty.

20 minutes later, she walked down the stairs.

Nicola and Melanie, who were expecting her to look old-fashioned in her outfit, became dumbfounded at that instant.

Catherine wore the long gray puffer jacket that Nicola bought. The jacket was so large that it looked like a blanket on her. No doubt, any ordinary person who put on the jacket would look ugly.

However, Catherine did not zip up the jacket. She paired it with a creamy white top and a pair of white casual pants.

She had not applied anything to her face either, except for some red lipstick. She looked like a pure and charming woman aged 17 or 18.

Compared to Catherine beside her, Melanie looked much tackier with a heavily made-up face.

Catherine deliberately said with a smile, “Thank you for the clothes, Aunty Nicola. They keep me really warm. I like them.”

“Glad that you like them.” Nicola was simmering with rage. At that moment, she noticed that Joel was staring at her icily.

Even though Joel was not familiar with clothes, he could see through his wife’s intention. Fortunately, Catherine had an attractive body and appearance, so she would look fabulous in any clothes.

At that point, a servant came in and said, “Elder Young Master Hill is here.”

The four of them immediately walked out. A Rolls-Royce slowly made its way toward the manor.

After the car came to a halt, the driver got out and opened the rear door. A noble, outstanding man subsequently strode out.

He wore a gray overcoat with a gray suit. Judging from his outfit, it was absolutely necessary to take into account the man’s looks. Surprisingly, the outfit suited him well. His long legs were similar to those of a top supermodel, whereas his stony face was so exquisite that not even a slight flaw could be found.

The moment Catherine took a good look at the man’s face, her head began to buzz non-stop.

How could it be him?!

She knew that Willie was scared of Shaun, so she supposed that Shaun had quite a high status in the Hill family. Even so, she would never have expected that he was that mysterious Elder Young Master Hill, and more unbelievably, the richest man in the whole of Australia!

Freya had casually pointed at him back then, causing her to be associated with such a legendary powerhouse.

Hang on. Did this mean that he was now Melanie’s boyfriend?

He was very likely to become her brother-in-law in the future?


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