Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 276

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Catherine’s face slowly turned pale.

She experienced a tight feeling in her chest, which caused her some pain. If possible, she wished she would never have to see him again in her life.

“You’re here, Young Master Hill!” Melanie coquettishly approached Shaun and hooked her arm through his as if they were a couple in the first flush of love.

“Yeah.” Shaun frowned almost imperceptibly, wondering what was wrong with the woman. They had only danced together yesterday, but she acted intimately toward him as if they had been in a relationship for a long time.

Just when he was about to break free from her grasp, Joel and Nicola approached him.

“Hello, Young Master Hill.” Joel gently shook Shaun’s hand.

“Hello, Uncle Joel. It’s my first time visiting you. Sorry to bother you.”

When it came to interacting with Joel, Shaun treated him with courtesy and respect.

“Of course not. It’s our honor to have you here,” Nicola hurriedly replied while full of smiles.

Joel glanced at his wife helplessly. Then, he politely said, “Come in and take a seat. It’s cold outside.”

Joel and Nicola made way for him.

Before Catherine could move away, Shaun came over to her and their eyes met. The second she met his gaze, she quickly looked away. She was worried that the longer she gazed at him, the more pain she would feel.

What was more, her mind was in a chaotic state right now.

Shaun’s dark eyes narrowed as soon as he caught sight of her. At that instant, a surge of emotions overwhelmed him from deep down.

However, he hid it so well that nobody realized it. Everyone only saw him staring at Catherine intently while being frozen to the spot.

Upon noticing that, Melanie was gripped with jealousy deep down. She immediately clutched Shaun’s arm and said with a pout, “Young Master Hill, what are you looking at? This is my dad’s illegitimate daughter with whom he has just reunited, but we don’t share the same mom.”

Her words were heavy with contempt.

Shaun understood everything now.

He had long since known that Catherine was Sheryl’s daughter, but he did not expect that Joel was the man with whom Sheryl had previously gotten together.

He thought that he would never see Catherine again. It turned out that she had appeared in front of him again and became his eyesore at that point. She had even become the daughter of the eminent Yule family overnight.

He finally regained his composure, only to experience another surge of emotions. This time, he was mainly filled with bitterness.

“Young Master Hill, this is my eldest daughter, Catherine.”

Joel introduced Catherine to him as he was visibly dissatisfied with the introduction Melanie had given.

“Oh, your eldest daughter? Isn’t she just your illegitimate daughter?” A cruel statement came out of Shaun’s pretty lips.

Catherine widened her eyes. Little did she expect that he would agree with the comment Melanie made. That statement appeared to push her into an abyss of despair.

Indeed, this was Shaun’s true nature. He was ruthless and b****l.

Nicola and Melanie beamed with joy. They had not expected Shaun to take their side.

Joel was a little awkward. Shaun threw a glance at him and then said coolly, “Having an illegitimate child has always been considered as something indecent in the Hill family. How careless of you, Uncle Joel.”

Joel’s expression turned stiff, yet he did not have the audacity to talk back. After all, the Hill family held a really high rank, so he could not afford to offend Shaun.

Unable to tolerate his behavior, Catherine walked toward Shaun and looked into his eyes in a neither overbearing nor self-effacing manner. “Whether or not my dad was careless has nothing to do with you. He’s your senior, after all.”

Shaun’s gaze turned grim, and Nicola subsequently told Catherine off. “B*stard, how dare you speak to Young Master Hill this way? Quickly apologize now.”

“Exactly. Young Master Hill just advised us out of kindness. You’re too impudent.” With that, Melanie raised her head and said to Shaun, “Don’t get mad, Young Master Hill. She grew up in a deprived household and hasn’t seen much of the world.”


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