Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 277

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Shaun curled his pretty lips and gave a small smile. “Looks like I’m not welcome here. I shall just leave then…”

The minute he turned around, everyone began to panic. Melanie clutched his arm tightly and thundered. “Dad, ask Catherine to apologize now!”

Joel clenched his fist. If Shaun walked out of the Yule household shortly after he entered, all the powerful figures in Canberra would know that he had offended the Hill family. In that case, the Yule family would be isolated in Canberra. “Cathy, just… apologize.”

As soon as he finished the sentence, he gave a bitter smile and sighed.

Feeling dumbfounded, Catherine clenched her fist. She had never been so disgusted by Shaun’s handsome face before. How did she even fall for such a person back then?

She took a long and deep breath knowing that she had to give in this time. “Sorry, Elder Young Master Hill. I haven’t seen much of the world and have no idea how to behave decently in the city. I come from the countryside, so I hope you won’t sink to my level.”

Shaun scoffed.

From the countryside?

How dare she bullsh*t him?

“Come in, Elder Young Master Hill.” Joel changed the subject, hoping that Shaun would forget about the incident.

When Shaun walked into the house, Melanie was still glued to him. He initially planned to break free from her grasp, but he fought the urge to do so after noticing Catherine’s frustrated look.

After he sat on the couch, Melanie went as far as to lean on his shoulder.

Catherine was distressed by the sight. That spot used to be exclusive to her, yet it now belonged to someone else.

Was the man even truly in love with her back then? How could he change just like that?

“My God, why did you bring so many expensive gifts? Your presence is enough, Young Master Hill. ”

Nicola suddenly screamed and looked ahead. She saw the Hill family’s chauffeur carrying many gifts into the house, all of which were rare and rather costly.

Shaun turned his head around and almost wanted to rub his forehead. It had to be Old Madam Hill’s plan. It made him seem as if he was offering wedding gifts to the Yule family.

He remained quiet for a moment before suddenly saying with a smile, “It’s my duty. After all, you’ve raised such a wonderful lady like Melanie.”

“Young Master Hill…” Melanie was so touched that her eyes reddened. Feeling moved, she pressed her body against his chest.

Shaun’s body became stiff. He was speechless.

Were the daughters of the Yule family so open and shameless? It was Catherine back then and Melanie now.

Catherine looked away. She did not want to think about it nor look at it.

“Dad, I’m an illegitimate daughter, after all. I shall go upstairs since my presence makes Young Master Hill unhappy.” She turned around and informed Joel.

Joel understood that it was upsetting for her to stay here. Just as he was about to nod, Shaun suddenly spoke in a cold tone, “I think you feel like leaving because you’re unhappy that I forced you to apologize.”

“No…” Catherine was distressed. Now that the two of them had broken up, why did he always have to call her out?

Shaun snorted. After that, he gestured toward the plate of fruits and nuts on the table using his chin. “Since you come from the countryside, I’m sure you’re familiar with menial work. Go and peel all the fruits and nuts on the plate. Melanie and I would like to eat them.”

Melanie’s heart was full of joy. She did not think that Elder Young Master Hill would care for her so much. He was torturing Catherine on her behalf, knowing that she hated Catherine. “Quickly peel the fruits. Young Master Hill wants to eat them.”


Catherine forced a smile. Since he wanted to torture her, then she would just let him.

She stooped and squatted to begin peeling grapes. After that, she shelled the sunflower seeds and pine nuts. It caused her fingers to ache.

As for Melanie, she leaned on Shaun and fed him the fruits and nuts that Catherine had just peeled and shelled.


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