Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 279

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Catherine glanced at Shaun incredulously, only to find him smiling. It soon turned to a somber expression as he waited to watch the drama unfold.

She gritted her teeth. What a wicked man he was! “Excuse me, I’m a few months older than you. Clearly, my mom got together with my dad much earlier. Please watch your mouth. Also, I didn’t seduce him.”

“Hah, are you saying that Elder Young Master Hill is playing a joke on you?” Melanie criticized Catherine in a huff. “Just look at Elder Young Master Hill’s status. He’s a prominent figure whereas you’re just a cheap person. I’ve met a lot of b*stards like you who are of low rank yet ambitious.”

Catherine lowered her eyes, her lashes shaking slightly.

Shaun frowned in spite of himself. He was suddenly annoyed even though he was the one who wanted to pull a prank on Catherine.

Previously, he could not form an impression of Melanie. Right now, however, he only felt that she was irritating and ill-mannered. She did not behave like a young lady from an eminent family at all.

“What are you guys arguing about?”

Joel and Nicola walked in upon noticing the commotion.

“Dad, Mom, you guys came at the right time. Catherine was actually trying to seduce Young Master Hill,” Melanie immediately complained, “Mom, she even mocked you by calling you a mistress.”

Nicola’s expression changed drastically in an instant. The reason why Joel married her back then was a taboo subject for her. “You’ve gone too far, Catherine. I’ve been treating you quite well since you came back. I even deliberately bought you branded clothes which you’re wearing right now. That’s very ungrateful of you.”

Joel’s brows furrowed. “Could there be a misunderstanding…”

“What misunderstanding? Elder Young Master Hill said it himself.” Melanie stomped her feet. “Despite having a fiancé, she still behaves indecently. How shameless!”

“Fiancé?” Shaun asked with a smile. Only those who knew him well could feel the hostility in his gaze.

“Yeah. She has a fiancé in Melbourne,” Nicola quickly added, “Anyway, the man is merely the owner of a small listed company. He pales compared to you.”

“Really?” Shaun smiled weakly. He had only left Melbourne for half a month, yet she already had a fiancé.

Without having to guess, he was almost certain that the person was Wesley.

When he recalled the moment he almost became soft-hearted just now, he suddenly found himself extremely foolish.

The woman was far more brazen than he had imagined.

“They say the Yule family is strict, but what happened tonight is eye-opening for me.”

Shaun snorted. After he finished speaking, he headed to the door. When he walked past Joel, he paused for a moment before saying, “Uncle Yule, I’m going to leave first. Today… I’m really not in the mood to stay here anymore.”

With that, he strode out of the house.

“Wait for me, Elder Young Master Hill.”

Melanie went after Shaun.

A ray of warm light illuminated Catherine’s face while she stood in the kitchen, revealing her pale face.

Catherine had just arrived at the Yule household and had yet to settle into the family. Nevertheless, Shaun’s words had casually pushed her into the abyss.

“Look what you did!” Nicola was shaking from anger. “Joel, you’re the one who wanted to bring her home, but she’s here to steal her sister’s boyfriend. Now that we’ve offended Young Master Hill, I advise you to quickly send her away. We shouldn’t provoke Elder Young Master Hill and cause him to be upset with us anymore.”