Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 280

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“Enough. Catherine is my daughter, and I’ve owed her for over 20 years. This is my house and also my home. She can stay here however long she wants. If the two of you are not happy about it, you can move out,” Joel replied mercilessly.

Nicola’s face flushed with rage. At last, she glared at Catherine before she walked away. “Fine. If there are any changes to Melanie’s marriage arrangements, I won’t let her off the hook.”

As soon as Nicola finished speaking, she left in a huff.

“Dad, I didn’t seduce Young Master Hill,” Catherine said seriously. She did not care about how others viewed her, but if Joel believed in what the others said, she would be really disappointed in him.

Joel let out a sigh. “I believe you. Young Master Hill probably misunderstood that you’re an illegitimate child, which is why he holds a grudge against you.”

Catherine was slightly dazed. Joel then explained it to her, “Young Master Hill’s background is quite pitiful. His mother, Lea, was a golden girl who was intelligent from a young age. It was why she could stand out even as a woman and inherit Hill Corporation. Back then, a lot of people in Canberra wanted to marry Lea, yet Brennan schemed against her and soon got her pregnant. With that, she had no choice but to get married to him.”

Catherine was shocked. No wonder he had been so upset when she spiked his food previously. He was particularly sensitive to this matter due to the fact that he was born this way as well!

Joel continued, “Elder Young Master Hill’s arrival to the world was an unwelcome experience for Lea. Lea also strongly dislikes him. Shortly afterward, she divorced Brennan and got married to her former lover whom she met in college. Then, she gave birth to another son named Liam.”

“It turns out that… he has been so pitiful since young,” Catherine muttered with conflicted emotions.

“Yeah. After the divorce, Brennan has been getting himself drunk every day. Lea, on the other hand, has formed a new family. She treats Liam with deep affection. In Shaun’s eyes, Liam and his father are intruders as they ruined his family. That’s why he also hates you.”

Joel touched her head sentimentally. “Sorry, Cathy. Forgive me for making you suffer…”

“It’s not your fault, Dad.”

She was the cause of Shaun’s resentment.

“Dad, I think I should move out first. Otherwise, Aunty Nicola and Melanie will definitely kick up a fuss.” Catherine initially planned to stay here and sort things out with Nicola face-to-face. Nevertheless, she really did not feel like seeing her ex behaving intimately with her stepsister.

“No way. Now that you have finally returned, I have to care for you and keep you under my watch.” Joel was worried that he could not care for her well if she moved out alone. He then added, “This is our personal family matter. Worst comes to the worst and Elder Young Master Hill isn’t happy about it, we’ll cancel the marriage plan with the Hill family.”

Catherine was touched and filled with warmth deep down. How wonderful it was to have a father who believed in her unconditionally.

The next morning.

Knowing she was not welcome, Catherine deliberately got up early. After washing up, she headed to the office. Just as she was about to step out of the house, she caught sight of Melanie and Shaun walking toward her in the morning sunshine while holding hands. The good-looking pair looked like a wonderful match.

She felt that her eyes hurt. Had they already become so intimate that they were going to have breakfast together?

She lowered her head and quickened her pace toward the spot where the driver parked the car.

“Stand there, Miss Jones. After last night’s incident, you still haven’t learned to be polite, huh?” Shaun stopped her, his handsome face expressing a hint of mockery as usual.

When Catherine recalled what Joel had told her about Shaun’s background, she did not bother to argue with him. “I just think that a low-born person like me isn’t qualified to greet you. What’s more, I’m getting ready to head to the office.”

“Office?” Melanie’s eyes twitched. She blurted out, “Are you going to work in Yule Corporation?”

“No. My mom left a small company for me.” Catherine gave a discreet smile. “Don’t worry. I won’t step into Yule Corporation.”

Her bright and sharp eyes appeared to be able to see through people. Melanie snorted awkwardly, “Of course, I’m worried. You don’t know anything. I’m just afraid you’ll mess up our company if you work there.”