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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 281

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 281

“I thought you were worried that I’d take the Yule family’s inheritance.” Catherine smiled faintly.

“You’re just a country bumpkin.” Melanie looked like she heard a joke. She turned to Shaun and said, “Eldest Young Master Hill, don’t you think she’s too indulgent in her fantasies? I’ve never attached any importance to her. Not only is she uneducated, but she’s also just a country bumpkin who has no idea what the world is like.”

Shaun gave her a sideways glance. If he did not know Catherine, he would have agreed with Melanie’s words, but Catherine was clearly a graduate from one of the finest institutes abroad. She even won awards in architecture and interior design. She was much better than Melanie, the precious daughter of the Yule family who had wasted her parents’ money by studying abroad.

However, Melanie had not realized that compared to Catherine, she simply appeared short-sighted and stupid. Catherine was dressed in an ordinary light purple down jacket today. With her bright eyes, white teeth, and pure features, Shaun felt that he must have been blind before to compare Melanie to Catherine.

“Yes, I’m just a country bumpkin, while you’re the bright moon hanging in the sky. I wouldn’t dare compare to you.” Catherine’s smile was calm and indifferent, like a white lily.

“It’s good that you know.” Melanie smiled with an arrogant expression.

“Enough, go in…”

Shaun only felt embarrassed and turned to enter.

Melanie hurried after him.

Only then did Catherine leave and get into the car.

In the dining hall, there was a table full of delicious foods.

Melanie attentively placed food on Shaun’s plate, but the more Shaun looked at her, the more unsightly she seemed. He got up and said, “I have no appetite. I’m leaving.”

“Eldest Young Master…” Melanie was at a loss. “Did I do something wrong?”

“What do you think? Don’t follow me,” Shaun sneered sarcastically and turned away without looking back.

Melanie watched his tall and upright figure leave. She was so anxious that tears fell from her eyes.

“What happened?” Nicola hurried over.

“Mom, I don’t know either.” Melanie thought about it before telling the story of how she had run into Catherine at the door earlier.

“You idiot!” Nicola scolded her, “Catherine was accepted to a world-class famous university when she was just 16 years old, and she’s always skipped grades. She also won several prestigious awards in architecture and interior design. She was the top scorer in her senior high school year and graduated from a world-class famous university. She’s completely different from someone like you who used money to buy your diploma.”

Melanie was completely stunned. Thinking back to what she had said earlier, she only felt extremely humiliated now. “But Eldest Young Master Hill wouldn’t have known all that, right?”

“Who knows? Eldest Young Master Hill is well informed. Maybe he has already investigated everything there is to know about our family before you got together with him.” Nicola looked grim. “I also found out that Catherine isn’t so simple. It has only been two months since she took over Hudson, but she already has all the executives wrapped around her finger.”

“Then… What should I do?” Melanie was pale.

“Stay out of her business. I’ll handle her. You just have to play your part as a well-bred young lady from a prestigious family.” Nicola was having a headache. It was her fault for not educating her daughter well. Melanie did not have even half of the skills she had when she was young.

The next few days, Catherine went out early and came back late. She never stumbled into Shaun after that incident.

On this day, she made an appointment with Freya in Canberra.

She met Freya in the afternoon.

The two met in a foreign place, and Freya took her to a high-end restaurant to eat.

“I was also introduced to this place by a colleague. The caviar here is very good. It’s very expensive, but I can still afford to treat you.” Freya was very happy that the two could reunite again at the capital.

After ordering, Catherine looked at Freya carefully. Although she had lost some weight, she still looked good. “Are you doing well?”

“Quite. The company treats me well and will even arrange for me to study abroad in the second half of the year.” Freya bowed her head and stirred her coffee. “Has… Patrick contacted you?”



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