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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 284

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 284

Catherine’s teeth chattered in anger. Since he had deliberately said that she would stop dancing after earning 10,000 dollars, who knew how long it would take for her to earn that much?

Sure enough, the men laughed. “In that case, we’ll have to reward her less so we can enjoy this longer.”

“That’s right, let’s take our time and watch.”

As the crowd watched, she slowly wrapped herself around the pole and danced. She could dance, but she knew that the better she danced in front of the crowd, the more she could make them lose their rationality.

However, she neglected to take into account her shapely figure and stunning beauty. Even if she was just dancing casually, every movement she made in the bunny outfit was a fatal temptation to the men present.

Rodney playfully recorded a video and sent it to Shaun. [Shaun, I’m helping you teach this woman a lesson.]

In the Hill family’s manor.

Shaun, who was about to go to sleep, immediately felt his brain light up with fire when he saw the video.

In the video was a woman dressed in a red bunny outfit. The fabric covered so little that it was pitiful.

Her skin was as fair as snow, and her small face was brilliant and tempting, like a delicate red rose. Her waist swayed slightly, and one of her legs was wrapped around a steel pole.

Shaun only thought that there were many men looking at her, and he inexplicably felt a burst of anger.

He called Rodney but found that the b*stard was on another call.

Damn it!

Just the thought of her being watched by so many people made him want to tear Rodney apart.

He got up and strode out of the room. Three minutes later, he boarded the helicopter.

It was late at night, and many nobles living in Sherman Mountain were abuzz with excitement.

“Isn’t that Young Master Hill’s helicopter? Where is he going so late at night?”

“It must be something important. Young Master Hill rarely travels by his private helicopter.”

On the yacht.

Young Master Kelly poured a glass of whiskey and went forward. His large hands fell on Catherine’s shoulders, and he clicked his tongue at the snow-white skin that was as smooth as satin. He wanted to cop a feel, but the woman in his arms escaped like a loach.

“Do you know who I am? Don’t be insensitive.” Young Master Kelly groped her face.

“Sorry, I’m only responsible for dancing tonight.” Catherine turned her head to avoid him. She only wanted to pass the night in peace. Now that things had come to this point, not only could she not say that she was Joel’s daughter, but she had to hide her identity as well. Otherwise, she would ruin the Yule family’s reputation.

“Come on, as long as you drink this glass in one go, I’ll reward you with one grand.” Young Master Kelly shook the glass that was full of liquor.

Catherine smiled coquettishly. “Just one grand?”

“It’s your fault for offending Young Master Hill. I’m only giving you one grand because you’re dressed in that outfit.” Young Master Kelly chuckled. All the young men present were cut from the same cloth.

Catherine looked at the glass silently. A few seconds later, she knocked the glass back and swallowed everything in one big gulp.

It was her first time drinking such strong liquor. The alcohol rushed to her stomach like a burning fire, but she could only endure it and calmly return the glass to him.


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