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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 289

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 289

“How am I a hoodlum?” Shaun’s hands were propped on either side of her shoulders, with a spiteful gaze.

Catherine subconsciously covered her thin lips, and she felt that her face was burning. “Shut up.”

“Why? Do you hate me now?” Shaun pulled her hand away and gritted his teeth. “Catherine Jones, I’ve just been away for a while but you couldn’t wait to get engaged to Wesley Lyons. Tell me, does he know that you’re with me now?”

“Shaun Hill, that’s enough…”

Catherine turned pale. When she remembered her promise to Wesley, she really felt sorry for him.

Her distracted look made Shaun completely furious, and he lowered his head to kiss her red lips.

He thought he was already disgusted with her, but when her familiar taste enveloped his senses, he only thought that it felt too damn good.

Catherine struggled hard, but it was no use. Her hands were being firmly pressed by his, and the man’s strength completely dominated her.

Soon, she was left dizzy from his kiss.

Since he left, she often suffered from insomnia and would think of him in the middle of the night. Although she was engaged to Wesley now, whenever Wesley tried approaching her, she subconsciously resisted him.

It was not like how she was now, yearning for the scent of his body.


Shaun vaguely heard the sound of a door closing downstairs, but he ignored it.

However, before long, someone called out, “Eldest Young Master Hill, are you here?”

The two people jolted apart.

That was… Melanie’s voice.

Catherine paled and pushed him away. How could she have forgotten? He already had a girlfriend, and that girlfriend was right outside at this moment.

A touch of annoyance flashed in Shaun’s burning eyes. Why did that damn Melanie have to come in now?

He quickly got up and headed to the door. When he opened it, he glanced behind and saw that Catherine had already hidden in the wardrobe like a thief.

Somehow, he found it a little funny.

“Eldest Young Master…”

Melanie, who was standing at the doorway, froze when she saw Shaun appear. The man in front of her was wearing a navy robe that was loosely tied, revealing a large part of his firm abs. His masculine scent made her heart beat like a jackhammer.

However, a moment later, she smelled a woman’s fragrance on the man, and her heart sank instantly. After a closer look, she saw that the man’s eyes were still dark. She was completely stunned.

Intuition told her that there might be a woman in the room, and she might have interrupted something ‘good’ earlier.

How did this happen?

After Sarah Langley died, Eldest Young Master Hill had always stayed away from women. Who was inside?

“How did you get in?” Shaun’s face was overcast. What he hated most was people who stepped into his territory without his permission.

“I went to the manor this morning to look for you, but you weren’t there, so Granny… gave me the key to this place.” Melanie was scared by the look of anger on his face. “I wanted to have breakfast with you, so I brought this…”


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