Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 291

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Shaun’s face was cold as he pulled out a key from his pocket and threw it to her. “Take it. You’ll be on call in the future.”

Catherine’s face flashed from white to red. “Aren’t you afraid of Melanie seeing me?”

“It doesn’t matter if she sees you. She’s just a woman. I can easily replace her with a different Mrs. Hill. There’ll always be smart people who want that position.”

Shaun had just finished speaking when the doorbell rang.

He opened the door, and Hadley entered with a bag. “Young Master, here are the clothes you wanted me to buy. Also, you have to attend a company meeting at nine.”

“Mm.” Shaun threw the things into Catherine’s arms and said, “Go upstairs and change.”

Catherine took the items and left to take a shower. By the time she changed her clothes and went downstairs, Shaun had already left. The phone she had left with Rodney yesterday was on the table.

When she looked at it, she found that there were text messages and missed calls from Joel and Wesley, but none from Freya.

She anxiously dialed her number, and the call was quickly answered. Freya’s confused voice sounded from the other end. “Catherine, what’s up?”

“That’s my line. Are you okay?” Catherine found it very strange.

“I… I’m fine.” Freya rubbed her head and said, “I went to deliver the information last night but ended up falling asleep because I drank too much. Fortunately, the people from the company sent me back. I’ll never do that ever again.”


Catherine finally understood that last night had completely been Rodney’s plan. Freya was in the dark even until now.

Thinking about it, she decided not to say anything.

It was to prevent Freya from causing trouble at the company. Rodney Snow was not someone they could afford to offend. In any case, Catherine was in Shaun’s palm now, so Rodney would not lay a hand on her friend.

“It’s good that you’re fine, but you should pay attention in the future. You’re a girl, so don’t get drunk outside.”

“Okay, but it’s quite strange. My alcohol tolerance is usually quite good, but I got drunk after just a few glasses yesterday. It must be because the wine was too good.”

Catherine smiled wryly. There must have been something added to the wine.

After leaving Shaun’s residence, she went directly to Hudson’s branch in Canberra.

It took a day for her to understand the situation here. Hudson’s development in the other states was good, but it was not faring well in the capital.

“Canberra’s land is too expensive and hard to get,” the general manager explained to her. “Even though we have enough money, it’s important to rely on connections in the capital. There are too many influential families here who are involved in real estate.”

Catherine nodded. “We’ll have to try our best to win a good plot of land so we can get a firm foothold in Canberra.”

“There’s a plot of land at the coastline that the whole capital is starting to develop. It’s just hard to get it.” The general manager unfolded the map and pointed it out to her.

Catherine memorized the location and called Joel later at night to ask him if he had any ideas.

After all, now that she had a father here, she would be a fool not to ask him for help.

After a few seconds of silence on the phone, Joel smiled and said, “That’s a small matter. I’ll talk to the relevant departments later.”

“Thanks, Dad.”