Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 292

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On Tuesday, Joel took her to the old Yule residence.

Catherine gave him the gift she had prepared. “I bought it for you the other day when I went to the mall with a friend. It looked good, and I think the fabric feels quite comfortable too.”

“My daughter has a good eye. It looks good. I’ll wear it tomorrow.” Joel smiled from ear to ear.

“I also bought two sets for Grandpa and Grandma, but I don’t know if they would—”

“Don’t worry, they’re not lacking in gifts. It’s the thought that counts,” Joel said with a smile.

The old Yule residence was also near Sherman Mountain.

The two did not exchange any words on the way there. When they were about to reach the residence, the whirring sound of a helicopter sounded. Catherine wound down the window to take a look, and Joel finally found a topic to talk to his daughter about. “Many nobles here in the capital have private helicopters. The one just now should be the Snow family’s.”

“Rodney Snow?” Catherine blurted out. She really did not like that man at all. For Shaun to be friends with a person like that, he must be cut from the same cloth as well.

“You know Rodney Snow?” Joel laughed. “Rodney has a good relationship with Eldest Young Master Hill, and the helicopters they bought are the same model but different colors. However, they’re pretty low-key and don’t fly much. I heard that Eldest Young Master Hill suddenly flew at 12 midnight a few days ago. Everyone said that something urgent must have happened in the Hill family.”

Catherine’s heart froze. She suddenly remembered the time she was drunk on the yacht. She seemed to have been on a helicopter, but she just thought she had been dreaming.

“Dad, what day was that?”

“Well… I’m not too sure. It was probably Tuesday or Wednesday.” Joel was puzzled. “Why?”

“It’s nothing, I was just curious.” Catherine felt confused. Wednesday was the day that it happened, right?

‘Did he go over by helicopter? But why would he be in such a hurry? Was it because he wanted to see me make a fool of myself, or… was he worried about me?’

Catherine was shocked when the thought flashed in her mind.

That was impossible. How could he be so kind? He wanted to humiliate her more than Rodney did.

20 minutes later, she entered the old Yule residence.

There were more than ten people sitting in the hall, including Nicola and her daughter. Everyone was chatting and laughing, but they all turned their eyes to her when they saw her come in.

Catherine took a quick glance at everyone’s expressions. They were all looking at her with contempt and eagerness. It seemed like they did not like her very much.

At last, her eyes rested on the two hale and hearty elderly in the middle, her grandparents. The old madam looked at her with a soft expression, but the old master seemed indifferent.

“Dad, Mom, as I told you before, this is Catherine. She’s the daughter Sheryl gave birth to.” Joel introduced her to the two elderly.

Old Madam Yule nodded with a smile. “She looks pretty. Sit down. I heard Joel talk about you before and had a set of jewelry ordered for you as a meeting gift.”

A maid brought over a large brocade box. Catherine was hesitant but took it after Joel nodded. She opened it and looked inside. True to an old woman’s taste, the jewelry was made with jade, and the style was a bit old-fashioned, but it did seem quite expensive.

“Thank you, Grandma. I love it,” Catherine still said happily, “I’ll treasure it well.”

“It’s good that you like it.” Old Madam Yule was satisfied. Although she did not have much affection for this granddaughter, Catherine was still her son’s daughter. She always disliked that Joel had not given her more grandchildren.

At that time, Melanie leaned over and took a look before saying petulantly, “Grandma, I want one too.”

Her paternal aunt who was standing by the side joked with her, saying, “Melanie, you’re now Eldest Young Master Hill’s girlfriend. Why do you still want jewelry from your grandmother? I heard there’s a jewelry brand under the Hill family. You can have your pick there.”

Melanie was slightly embarrassed. She had only eaten dinner with Eldest Young Master Hill once and never went out with him again. However, everyone knew that she was dating Shaun Hill, so she could not embarrass herself. “Eldest Young Master Hill said that I could take anything I wanted, but… we’re not married yet, so I’d feel bad.”