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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 293

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 293

Old Master Yule nodded in satisfaction. “That’s a good way of thinking. Eldest Young Master Hill is looking for a wife from a good family. Our Yule family doesn’t lack money or jewelry, so don’t be like those women outside who don’t know how to carry themselves.”

“That’s right, unlike some people who grin happily and can’t tear their eyes away when they see jewelry.” The aunt gave Catherine a side-glance that was filled with mockery.

The crowd laughed softly, and Joel immediately showed his displeasure. He was about to scold them.

Just then, Catherine smiled and said, “Yes, I’m really happy to receive such expensive jewelry, but it’s not because I like how much it cost. It’s mainly because it was given to me by Grandma.”

She paused, and her beautiful watery eyes suddenly turned red.

“On the way here, I was uneasy. I’m different from Melanie and was raised by my grandparents since childhood. Melanie is lively and likable, but I don’t know how to please others. I was raised by my aunt and uncle, and no one taught me how to get along with my family. I was afraid that Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t like me, but fortunately… Fortunately, this gift from Grandma let me know that she still has me in her heart.”

She looked at Old Madam Yule when she finished talking, feeling touched.

At first, Old Madam Yule was just happy that her son had an additional daughter, but after hearing Catherine’s words, she suddenly felt her heart ache for this granddaughter. She was also a little ashamed. She had just randomly chosen the jewelry, but her granddaughter was moved to tears.

The old madam became even more apologetic and hurriedly waved at her to come over. “Come sit beside Grandma. You’re a granddaughter of the Yule family, but you must’ve suffered a lot. Your uncle and aunt didn’t treat you well, did they?”

“They were good to me before, but after they got their own daughter back, they became very indifferent toward me. They even shut me in the old mansion and forced me to eat rancid food and drink stale water,” Catherine said with teary eyes.

“I heard that the Jones family is quite well off. You’re lying, aren’t you?” Melanie saw the old madam hold Catherine’s hand and could not stand it anymore.

“That’s right,” the aunt immediately echoed. “Your uncle and aunt brought you up, so how could you say such things?”

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me. You can go check. The hospital has my medical records.” Catherine smiled sadly.

“Shut your mouth if you don’t know how to watch your words!” Joel grew angry and rebuked, “Everyone in Melbourne knows that her uncle and aunt even killed their mother. How would such vicious people treat their niece well?”

“What? How could there still be such heartless people?” Old Madam Yule shuddered and held Catherine’s hand tightly. “Dear child, you must have suffered.”

“There’s a saying, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. Look, now, I have a dad, and a grandpa and a grandma.” Catherine tilted her head, and it was as though beautiful stars were shining in her eyes.

“What a good girl.” Old Madam Yule liked her more and more. Even the serious Old Master Yule’s face softened considerably, and he opened his mouth for the first time. “Since you’ve returned to the Yule family, you’re a descendent of the Yule family. If anyone dares to bully you in the future, you can tell us, but make sure not to damage the family’s reputation.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Catherine smiled through her tears.

Sometimes, rather than crying, a proper smile would be more pleasing to the elderly.

At the side, Nicola and Melanie almost went mad with anger. They had prepared many bad things to say about Catherine in advance, but they did not expect Catherine to act pitiful and win the hearts of the old madam and old master.

Nicola’s frown deepened. Catherine Jones was not a simple person.

During dinner, the old madam kept putting food on Catherine’s plate. “Eat more, you’re too thin.”

“Thank you, Grandma.” Catherine ate all the food the old madam gave her and was not picky.

The old madam was very satisfied and turned to Melanie who was a fussy eater. “You’ve never suffered before, so you refuse to eat many things. You should learn from your sister.”

“Grandma…” Melanie’s face turned red with anger.


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