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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 294

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 294

Sitting opposite was the second uncle, Damien Yule. He laughed and asked, “Melanie, when are you going to get engaged with Eldest Young Master Hill?”

Melanie saw the crowd looking at her enviously and quickly said shyly, “Granny Hill said the wedding will take place this year or next year. We won’t get engaged and will directly get married.”

“It seems that Old Madam Hill is really anxious.” The aunt smiled. “We’ll soon have to call you Mrs. Hill.”

Old Master Yule nodded in satisfaction. “Hold on to Eldest Young Master Hill well. The Yule family will depend on you in the future.”

Melanie was overjoyed. “Grandpa, I won’t let you down.”

Looking at all the people complimenting Melanie, Catherine did not feel uncomfortable. She faintly glanced at Damien opposite her. The man was sitting in a wheelchair, giving people a very gloomy feeling.

“By the way, Joel, you promised to give my brother that plot of land along the coast before. Why did I hear that you suddenly talked to the department to give it to Hudson instead?” Nicola pretended as though she had suddenly thought of a question.

Catherine’s hands stiffened, and Joel frowned. “Hudson is Catherine’s company. Your brother has already developed a lot of properties in Canberra and earned a lot of money, so I’ll give this one to Catherine instead so she can gain a foothold in the capital.”

“That’s not true. My brother lost money in the last property project and is counting on taking that plot of land along the coastline.” Nicola smiled bitterly. “He has even finished a proposal. Joel, help us first. We’ll just find another plot of land to compensate Catherine later.”

The aunt nodded. “I think we should help the Wicks family first. Catherine is still so young, so she won’t be able to handle the people below her. She’ll end up being the cat’s paw.”

Damien also advised him, “If Joel is really unwilling, then ask Eldest Young Master Hill for help, Melanie. It’ll be a simple matter for him.”

Old Master Yule immediately slapped the table. “That’s enough. Just give the land to Fergus.”

Catherine lowered her eyes with a faint flash of ridicule.

It seemed like in the face of interests, everyone in the Yule family had the same conduct.

After dinner.

Joel left the residence with a cold face, bringing Catherine, Nicola, and Melanie along with him.

Nicola and Melanie said they had not driven over so they needed to go back with him.

After returning home, Nicola and Melanie wore smug smirks and went upstairs to sleep. Joel suddenly said to Catherine, “Don’t worry, I’ve already handled the matters regarding the plot of land along the coastline. It’ll be given to you.”

Catherine was stunned.

Nicola turned around and said angrily, “Joel Yule, you promised to give it to my brother earlier!”

“When did I promise that? It was just something you all said.”

“I don’t care. That plot of land has to be developed by Fergus. If you don’t agree, I’ll let Melanie go to Eldest Young Master Hill.”

“Other people might not know this, but to be honest, I don’t think Eldest Young Master Hill is all that fond of Melanie.” Joel sneered and went back to his room.

Catherine also hurried back to her room as she was tired after a battle of wits.

Outside, Nicola stomped her feet in anger and said to Melanie, “Tomorrow, go to Eldest Young Master Hill and get him to help you.”


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