Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 295

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Melanie looked nervous and whispered, “Mom, the eldest young master’s temper is eccentric. I don’t know if he—”

“You have to go. If he disagrees, you can go to Old Madam Hill. It’s time to prove our position in the Yule family.” Nicola reminded her.

Melanie’s eyes brightened and she nodded.

Behind the mountain, in a horse racing venue.

A handsome stallion galloped wildly on the grass. The man on the horse held a long whip. His handsome black riding outfit made him look elegant and noble as if he was a European aristocrat. His body exuded a breathtaking manly charm.

Soon, the horse stopped and Shaun jumped down from the horse. He undid some buttons on his collar.

The executives hurriedly gathered around.

“Eldest Young Master, your horseback riding skills are getting better and better.”

“Eldest Young Master, you’re really amazing to be able to conquer the wind.”


Shaun looked at them expressionlessly. “Get to the point.”

An executive steeled his nerves and said, “Eldest Young Master, when will you return to Hill Corporation? You’ve been away for less than four months but the company’s profit has been dropping. Second Young Master doesn’t listen to us and insists on doing things his way. Please come back to the company.”

“Eldest Young Master, we need you.”

“The company can’t do without you.”

Shaun took the water handed to him by Hadley and tipped his chin, taking a large gulp. His eyes were indifferent. “Fine, get out of my sight. I’ll return to the company next week.”

“That’s great. Welcome back, Eldest Young Master! We’ll get out of your sight immediately.”

The executives went back in high spirits.

Hadley laughed and lowered his voice to say, “Eldest Young Master, you’re still the best. Even after leaving for four months, Liam Hill still can’t win the hearts of those executives.”

“Liam Hill is like his father, so I know exactly what he’s like, but my mother… won’t be happy.” Shaun scoffed softly.

Hadley fell silent, feeling that it was unfair for Shaun.

“Eldest Young Master.”

Someone suddenly called out to him.

He frowned and turned around. Melanie, wearing a white knitted sweater and a beret, quickly ran to him. Her beautiful face was filled with pleasant surprise. “Eldest Young Master, I heard Grandma say that you were here and you really are.”

“I’m busy.” Shaun mounted the horse. He would rather ride a few more laps around the track than face Melanie.

Melanie became anxious and hurriedly stopped in front of the horse. “Eldest Young Master, I need to talk to you.”

A trace of impatience flashed in Shaun’s eyes, but he suppressed it. “What is it?”

“You should remember my half-sister, right? She encouraged my father to give her a plot of land along the coastline the other day, but my father had already promised my uncle that plot of land previously…”

Melanie said apprehensively. She sensed that Shaun was being impatient with her, but she had no choice. She could not stand by and watch Catherine climb over Nicola and her.

“So…” Shaun glanced at her, the corners of his mouth curling into a smile.

Melanie looked at him pitifully. “Could you help me, please?”

He sat on the horse and looked down at her quietly for a moment. Suddenly, he smiled. “Sure.”

Melanie’s eyes brightened. Eldest Young Master Hill really did love her the most! “Thank you, Eldest Young Master. I… I love you.”

After saying those three words, she lowered her head shyly, not noticing the hint of mockery in Shaun’s eyes.


She had only met him a few times, but she was already talking about love.