Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 296

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Women were so shallow.

Shaun raised the whip and led the horse away.

His heroic and handsome figure dazzled Melanie’s eyes. He was simply a giant among men. Once she laid eyes on him, she could see no one else.

She had to marry him.

In the office.

General Manager Wolfe reported to Catherine with a dejected face. “President Jones, the plot of land along the coastline was granted to Cosmos Corporation.”

Catherine was stunned. “Didn’t you say yesterday that the formalities hadn’t been handled?”

“I heard that Eldest Young Master Hill played a part. Cosmos Corporation is an industry under the Wicks family. I heard that the Wicks family is with the Hill family now.”

General Manager Wolfe had a bitter face. “We spent a lot of money on this plot of land, but now, it’s wasted.”

Catherine was silent and did not speak for a long time.

She knew very well how the Wicks family got with the Hill family.

She really did not expect that Shaun would help the Wicks family without hesitation. She thought that he would at least think of the affection they had shared in the past…

No, there was no affection at all.

“Can we change the land?” Catherine asked.

“Everyone is developing the land there. There’s land still available, but it’s too expensive. According to the company’s budget, we won’t be able to earn any profits.” General Manager Wolfe said gloomily, “President Jones, maybe we shouldn’t develop in Canberra. We’re outsiders, so it’s too hard to enter this circle.

“If we can’t squeeze in, then change the method. It just so happens that Hudson can develop in multiple fields. Medical, finance, tourism… This city is also closely linked to an international track. There are opportunities to make money everywhere,” Catherine said softly, “Only by diversifying will we be unafraid of being eliminated in the future.”

General Manager Wolfe was shocked. “You’re right. I’ll convene a meeting to discuss this immediately.”

The next day, Catherine was busy holding meetings in the company.

However, it was not that easy to develop in a new field.

At 10:00 p.m., she dragged her tired body into the villa and saw Melanie leaning on the sofa with a facial mask. Her eyes were full of mockery.

“How did things go? So what if Dad helps you? With just one word from me, Eldest Young Master Hill will help me unconditionally. No one can say no to him.”

Catherine did not even bother to pay attention to her and went directly to her room.

After closing the door, she leaned against it. Her chest felt tight, and it was hurting her.

That man, no matter whether he was a lawyer before or Eldest Young Master Hill now, he had always been able to pull all sorts of strings.

She finished showering and was ready to go to bed when her phone suddenly rang. It was from an unknown number.

She pressed the answer button and a chilly voice sounded. “Come over. My room is d***y and needs cleaning.”


Catherine took a deep breath. Now, just listening to that voice was enough for her to burst into anger.

He wanted her to clean in the middle of the night? He could dream on.

“Sorry, you’ve called the wrong number. I think it’s more appropriate for you to call the housekeeping company,” she said and almost hung up.

Shaun laughed. “Sure, I’ll just send that wonderful video of the Yule family’s precious daughter wearing a bunny costume. It should be able to make headlines tomorrow morning.”

Then, he hung up.

Catherine held her head in pain and cursed him and all his ancestors before driving to Oasis International where he stayed.

Oasis International was located in the most prosperous area in the city center. The price of one square foot of land could sell for hundreds of thousands, and Shaun had a 400 square foot penthouse here.

She opened the door with the key and went in. In the bright living room, Shaun was sitting on the beige leather sofa with his arms resting on the backrest. His raised arms and feet made him emit a kingly aura. He gave off a lazy but elegant vibe.