Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 298

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Catherine did not know what he was planning and could only reply to Wesley with bated breath. “Oh, I was showering and didn’t hear the phone.”

“You haven’t called me all day today, so I miss you a little,” Wesley said tenderly. “Do you miss me?”

The atmosphere in the bathroom suddenly dropped to freezing point. Catherine stared with wide eyes and almost screamed out in pain. That man actually bit her ear!

She turned and glared at Shaun’s hatefully handsome face. He was smiling wickedly and took her into his arms, burying his face in her neck and kissing her neck unscrupulously.

Wesley continued to ask, “Why aren’t you talking? Don’t you miss me?”

“I… I’ve been too busy these past few days.” Catherine tried her best to hold back.

“Have you taken that plot of land?”

“No.” Catherine gritted her teeth. That b*stard Shaun actually came to her front and was kissing her on her lips.

She moved away, but he chased after her.

Wesley sounded distressed. “It’s unfortunate that I’m not there with you and can’t help you with anything.

Catherine’s mouth was sealed by Shaun so she could not say anything. Wesley continued, “I’ll come to Canberra soon, then we’ll be together, okay?

“Cathy, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Catherine was completely smothered by Shaun’s kiss and could only let out a soft hum. She quickly grabbed the phone from Shaun’s hand and said, “I still have things to do here. I’ll hang up now.”

She quickly pressed the end button and pushed Shaun away forcefully. Her beautiful eyes were filled with shame and anger. “Shaun Hill, you’re too much!”

“I’m too much?” Shaun sneered. “Were you this intimate with him as well when I called you in the past?”

“No! You’re unbelievable. The water is ready. Go bathe!” She pushed him away and left. Her heart would stop if she continued doing this.

“Go and bring me a change of clothes,” Shaun ordered coldly behind her.

“I’m not going…”

Before she could finish, she saw that he had already taken off his shirt, revealing his strong and handsome body.

He turned and looked at her with an evil smile. “If you don’t go, I’ll send that clip to your dad—”

“Alright, don’t say it. I’ll go.” Catherine quickly lowered her head and went out. When she walked to the door, she glanced back and saw him throwing his pants aside.

Her eyes stung, and she turned to the wardrobe.

After taking her sweet time to find him a set of pajamas, she approached the bathroom again and saw Shaun lying inside the bathtub with his eyes closed. His eyelashes were like a quiet resting butterfly, and his muscular chest was covered with water droplets.

It was said that beauties nourished their looks with baths. A superb man like him did not lose to women when it came to physical appearances in the slightest.

Catherine’s heart jumped in her chest, and she did not notice the little step in front of her. She slipped, and with a splash, she fell into the bathtub and on his chest.

Shaun suddenly opened his eyes. The woman in his arms struggled hard, her clothes, pants, and hair were completely soaked. Water droplets slid down her cheeks, making her look stunningly charming.

Catherine’s eyes widened, and her face became flushed as she hurriedly crawled out. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’ll go immediately.”

“How can I believe that?” Shaun dragged her closer to his chest and hugged her from behind. His handsome face rested on her shoulder as he breathed deeply. “You want to use such a trick to make me give you that plot of land, huh?”

For a moment, Catherine was stunned that this man would actually think that. “No, I’m not…”