Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 301

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 301

8:00 a.m.

Catherine walked into the villa with a yawn.

Melanie, who was eating breakfast, immediately got up and said, “Dad, look. I told you she went out last night and didn’t return all night. What kind of proper lady stays out all night? I think she might be fooling around outside.”


Catherine glanced at her and sneered in her heart. If Melanie had handled her boyfriend better, would Catherine still have needed to go there in the middle of the night to serve him?

“What’s that look for? Did I say anything wrong?” Melanie retorted righteously.

“No, you’re right. It’s because I’m not a proper lady. You were the one who called me a country bumpkin and an illegitimate daughter.” Catherine smiled and ignored her. She sat down at the table to have breakfast calmly and elegantly.

“Dad, did you hear what she said…”

“Stop arguing. I believe in Catherine. She already has a fiancé,” Joel interrupted with a cold face. “Besides, didn’t you used to always play around at night as well? You have quite some nerve to talk about her.”

Melanie flushed in embarrassment and stomped her foot in anger. “Dad, you’re too biased…”

At the side, Nicola’s phone suddenly rang. She answered the call and stood up angrily. “What? The plot of land was given to Hudson… What happened? Didn’t you say that Eldest Young Master Hill talked to them?”

Catherine froze and choked on her sandwich. Nicola had already hung up and was pointing at her. “Catherine Jones, what the h**l did you do? Why was the plot of land on the coastline taken away by Hudson?”

“That can’t be.” Melanie was also shocked. “Is it possible that there’s someone else who dares to go against Eldest Young Master Hill?”

“Your uncle personally called me and said that the other party has suddenly changed their mind.” Nicola stared at her and said, “Catherine, you’re a girl who just arrived here and has no connections besides your father. You didn’t stay out all night to do something unseemly, right? The land doesn’t matter, but you can’t embarrass the Yule family.”

Hearing that, Joel also frowned at Catherine. He did not want to believe it, but it was something that even he could not control, so it was really quite fishy.

Catherine looked up with a calm face. “Aunty, are you saying that I slept outside last night in order to get the land? In that case, whose company did you think I sought?”

She suddenly laughed. “Who has the ability to go against Eldest Young Master Hill? I think that instead of trying to accuse me of misbehaving, you should wonder whether Melanie has offended the young master, or maybe he decided not to help her because he was displeased with her.”

Catherine just about finished eating, so she wiped her hands and went upstairs to change her clothes.

Joel also lost his appetite and got up. “You two are always stirring up trouble.”

Then, he turned and left.

Nicola whirled to Melanie. “What the h**l happened with Eldest Young Master Hill?”

“I don’t know either. He rarely takes my calls.” Melanie thought for a moment before saying, “I’ll go look for him.”

Upstairs, Catherine stood on the balcony and watched as Joel’s car drove away. She hesitated for a moment before sending Shaun a message. [About the land… You’re not helping the Wicks family anymore?]

After asking, she suddenly became nervous. To be honest, she had not thought about begging him before, much less thought that he would not help Melanie.

However, now that she got the land again, she was very excited.

Five minutes later, Shaun replied: [Yeah.]

Catherine: [Thank you.]

Shaun: [If you really want to thank me, use your own hands to serve me next time.]


Catherine’s fair little face felt so hot that it nearly burst into flames. Could this man be any more shameless?

She took a deep breath and replied in annoyance: [The land was originally going to fall into my hands anyway until you took it away. It’s good enough that I’m not scolding you, you hoodlum.]

Then, she tossed her phone and ignored him.