Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 302

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Hill Corporation.

In the conference room early in the morning.

Shaun looked at his phone, his cold eyes tinged with a smile.


Why did that word sound so nice to hear?

The executives were shocked when they saw him on his phone during the meeting. The president was even smiling so dotingly. They felt like their jaws were about to drop to the table from shock.

In the first seat on the right row, Liam’s eyes flashed deeply. The Shaun Hill in his memories was cold and cruel, but this person in front of him seemed different. Was it because of a woman?

Liam smiled in concern. “Brother, are you chatting with Ms. Yule? I heard that you’re getting married soon.”

Realization dawned on the executives. So that was it! They did not expect Ms. Yule to be so favored by him. It seemed like they would have to curry favor with her in the future.

“Start the meeting.” Shaun put down his phone and continued to host the meeting with a straight face.

An hour later, he returned to the office.

Hadley entered and said, “Young Master, Ms. Yule is downstairs and says she wants to meet you. It’s probably to talk about the land.”

“I’m busy. Tell her to leave,” Shaun ordered without even lifting his head.

Hadley was speechless. Of course, he could not tell her that so bluntly. He could only tell her tactfully that Eldest Young Master Hill was busy, so she should go back.

Melanie, who had failed to meet Shaun, felt desperate. She never thought that he would brush her off so simply.

Was Eldest Young Master Hill not helping her because he was dissatisfied with her? Was it because he did not want her to take the position of Mrs. Hill?

No. Everyone knew that Eldest Young Master Hill had invited her to dance at the party. If she did not get married to him, she would be laughed at until she died.

Just as she was at a loss, Old Madam Hill suddenly called her. “Melanie, today is Women’s Day. Shaun got someone to fly in a bluefin tuna from abroad as well as foie gras from Country F. Bring your family over for dinner. It’s also time for the parents of both families to meet formally.”

Good fortune came too quickly, and Melanie was ecstatic. “Yes, I’ll definitely come.”

She thought that Shaun had refused to let her enter the company because he disliked her, but she did not expect that he had already arranged for their families to meet. It seemed like she was just imagining things.

In the Hills’ manor.

Old Madam Hill hung up the phone in satisfaction. Old Master Hill shook the newspaper and snorted. “You’re making arrangements by yourself again. Shaun will lecture you again later.”

“I just want him to give me a great-grandson in this life.” Old Madam Hill huffed. “If I wait for him to take the initiative, I think I’ll never see him get married in my lifetime. Just look at how many times he’s taken the initiative with Melanie.”

“It’s not that bad.” Old Master Hill did not agree. “He’s a person with lasting affection.”

“Yes, he hasn’t moved on from Sarah, but he can’t delay anymore. The Yule family isn’t bad either.”

After sighing, Old Madam Yule told the kitchen to begin preparations.

On the other end, Melanie immediately told Nicola about the dinner after returning home.

“It seems that God is also favoring us.”

Nicola was also very excited, but it did not take long for her to calm down. “Call Catherine and tell her to join as well.”