Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 303

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Melanie got angry. “Mom, you’re crazy. How could we call her—”

“You don’t get it. This is a good opportunity to ruin her.” Nicola looked at her. “We’ll destroy her in front of the Hill family and completely ruin her future. You forgot that I’m friends with Valerie Hill.”

Melanie’s eyes brightened in realization. “Mom, I’ll support you. We can’t let her continue to be in Canberra anymore.”

Hudson Corporation.

After Catherine told General Manager Wolfe to handle the plot of land as soon as possible, she received a call from Joel.

As soon as she heard that the Hill family had invited the Yule family to their manor for dinner this evening, her face suddenly turned pale.

This was Shaun throwing Melanie some sweet carrots after being guilty that he spared Catherine.

Women were emotional creatures. On the way to the company today, she did some thinking and thought that Shaun actually did not care about Melanie.

However, the turn of events seemed to have given her a slap on the face.

The two families were about to meet. Did that mean they would be discussing marriage?

But what was she doing last night? She was just the shameful third party.

“Catherine, did you hear me?” Joel asked again after Catherine did not reply for a long time.

“Dad, I’m not going.” Catherine refused in a low voice. “My status isn’t worthy, and the Hill family wouldn’t want me there.”

“Melanie said that the old madam already knows who you are, so it’ll be rude if you don’t go.” Joel sighed. “Just go. It’s a good opportunity to introduce yourself to the Hill family and then expand your circle among the upper class in Canberra. Besides, Old Madam Hill is different from others. She’s very kind.”


Catherine smiled wryly but also found it strange in her heart. Melanie and Nicola should not want her to go tonight. It seemed like tonight’s trip to the Hill family would not be smooth for her.

4:30 p.m.

As soon as she entered the house, Nicola greeted her warmly, “We’re going to have dinner with the Hill family tonight. Your usual clothes are too shabby, so I bought two sets of clothes for you and Melanie at the mall today. I left it on your bed, so go get changed.”

Catherine’s brows raised. After going upstairs, she did not expect Nicola to have bought her a set of Fendi clothes from the latest spring line. The neckline had crystal and gold ornaments, and when she casually checked on her phone, she saw that this set of clothes cost seven figures.

Tsk, what was Melanie up to now? It seemed like she really went all out for tonight.

She did not understand what Nicola was up to at first, but when she saw Melanie who was wearing a simple purple shirt with a knitted vest and an innocent face, she seemed to understand everything.

Joel frowned. “Isn’t Melanie dressed too plainly?”

“That’s the whole point. The old madam likes it when people are frugal. Let’s go, let’s go. We’ll be late.” Nicola took Joel’s hand and walked to the car park.

The Hill family’s villa was located halfway up the mountain and also had the best scenery in the whole of Sherman Mountain.