Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 304

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The large estate had a horse-racing track, a golf course, a basketball court, a badminton court, an airstrip…

Even Catherine, who had seen the diverse aspects of society, felt overwhelmed by the surroundings.

After parking the car, the butler led the four people into the main building.

In the splendid living room, Old Madam Hill and her third daughter, Valerie, sat on one side. Old Master Hill and several men chatted over tea in the tea room on the other side.

When the four entered, everyone looked over.

Catherine, who was wearing a black retro and chic jacket, was the most eye-catching. Her lips were smeared with red lipstick and her long black hair was curled over her shoulders. Her delicate three-dimensional facial features were small with her straight nose and willow-like eyebrows. She had delicate skin, and her beauty was elegant and charming.

Next to her, Melanie looked small and pure. Everyone knew that she was the main character tonight, but she was too plain.

Old Madam Hill had heard Melanie mention Catherine before and did not like her already, but now, she disliked her even more.

“Mr. Yule, my dad and brothers are over there. You can go chat with the men if you’re not used to staying with us women here.” Valerie smiled.

“Then I’ll go over there.” Joel was indeed feeling uncomfortable. After greeting them with a smile, he glanced at Catherine and went to the tea room.

Once Joel left, Queenie Hill curved her lips mockingly. “Melanie, is this… your elder sister? She’s really beautiful. Tsk, look at all the jewels and gold embroidered on her clothes. I remember seeing this when I went to Paris for Fashion Week a few days ago. One set costs six to seven million. I couldn’t bear to buy it.”

Nicola smiled graciously. “Catherine suffered a lot in the past and it wasn’t easy bringing her back here. I wanted to buy her something nice to make it up to her.”

“Why do you have to make it up to her? You didn’t give birth to her,” Valerie said in a lazy tone. “Look at you. Melanie and Shaun’s matter might be settled today, so you should have dressed Melanie up beautifully instead of letting someone else overshadow her.”

Melanie smiled. “It’s okay, I’ve worn a lot of bright and beautiful clothes when I was younger. I think that wearing something plain will make me look younger.”

The implication was that Catherine had never worn such clothes because she was a country bumpkin, and the clothes she wore looked old-fashioned.

After listening, Catherine squeezed out a humble smile. “It turns out my clothes are so expensive. I didn’t know that. Today is also the first time I’m wearing this. I’ve never worn such extravagant clothes before. Thank you, Aunty Nicola.”

When she finished speaking, she carefully touched the pearls on her clothes, making her look like a shocked country bumpkin who had on expensive clothes.

Everyone exchanged looks. There was a lot hidden between the lines in Catherine’s words. First, she had not worn expensive luxury branded clothes before today. Second, today was the first time she was asked to wear luxury branded clothes.

Everyone present were elites from influential families, and they all knew the crooked ways among them. They suddenly understood what was happening.

Nicola became anxious and forced a laugh. “Catherine, what do you mean this is your first time? Didn’t I buy you lots of luxury clothes before? They’re all over your wardrobe.”

“Is that so? I didn’t know,” Catherine said shyly, “No one told me when I wore those out.”

Everyone came to the same realization. If no one had pointed it out, that meant that they were all clothes that were already out of season.

Nicola’s face and neck flushed red. She never thought that Catherine would be so cunning to ruin the image she had painstakingly built for so many years.

Old Madam Hill took a sip of tea. She had felt that Nicola was not too bad before, but it seemed that she was actually a little unbecoming. Fortunately, Joel Yule was a true gentleman. “Enough, I don’t understand all this talk about luxury brands and it’s making my head hurt. I just want to settle the matter of Shaun’s marriage quickly.”

Melanie blushed.

Nicola quickly said, “Eldest Young Master Hill is a giant among men. If Melanie could marry him, it’d be an honor for the Yule family.”