Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 305

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“Well, do the bride and groom want to?” Valerie laughed. “Since everyone is here today, why don’t we just get the rites done?”

“I was thinking the same thing.” The old madam turned to the butler. “Go and bring me that bracelet.”

Her daughter-in-law, Yvette Gardner, asked in jealousy, “You mean that bracelet that has been handed down from the ancestors?”

“Yes, Shaun is the heir to the Hill family, so the bracelet should naturally be passed on to his future wife,” Old Madam Hill said with a smile.

Catherine lowered her eyes as a bitter look flashed in them.

At the side, Melanie and her mother had already taken several deep breaths of excitement.

Soon, the bracelet was brought over, and Old Madam Hill called Melanie over. Just as she was about to raise Melanie’s hand and put it on her, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside.

Everyone looked over as Shaun walked in. He was wearing an expensive gray suit with a silk jacquard tie. There was a low-key luxury watch clasped around his wrist. His entire person looked like a walking spotlight—noble, elegant, and extraordinary.

“What are you doing?”

Shaun saw all the people in the living room and even some from the Yule family. His gaze paused for two seconds on Catherine without moving before he finally spotted the jade bracelet in the old madam’s hand.

Valerie explained with a smile, “Your grandmother wants to pass the family heirloom jade bracelet to your future wife.”

Shaun’s handsome brows raised as he walked over with his long legs. He reached out to take the jade bracelet from the old madam’s hand to play with it.

“Be careful. Don’t drop it,” the old madam said.

Queenie smiled. “Grandma, Shaun wants to give the bracelet to Melanie personally.”

“That’s true. It’s more meaningful if the boyfriend is the one who does that,” Valerie teased.

Melanie became nervous and hung her head shyly, her face already red.

Catherine looked away and lowered her head, pretending to look at her phone.

Shaun glanced at Melanie and suddenly smiled before putting the bracelet back into the box. “Since it’s a family heirloom, it’s better to treasure it and wait for the day of my wedding before taking it out. After all… Who knows when my wedding will be, or… whether my bride will change or not?”

His cello-like magnetic voice was warm, but after he spoke, the entire hall fell into eerie silence.

Nicola and Melanie’s smiling faces seemed to freeze over, and they were unable to speak even after a long time.

Melanie’s eyes were red as tears welled up in them.

Old Madam Hill held her hand with a somber expression and glared at Shaun. “Change the bride? Who do you want to change it to? You were the one who picked Melanie, and everyone outside already knows that she’s your girlfriend. Did you think about the girl’s feelings when you said that? I’m telling you, I’ve already decided on my granddaughter-in-law. It’s her.”

Shaun seemed not to have heard it and picked up an orange indifferently before peeling it.

Everyone watched his every movement except for Catherine, who was playing with her phone since the beginning.

“Shaun, did you hear what Grandma said?” Valerie reminded, “Melanie is a good girl. Don’t let her down.”

Nicola gritted her teeth and said, “Eldest Young Master, if you don’t like Melanie, then just say it straight instead of playing her like a fool. Melanie is the apple of the Yule family’s eye.”

“What? Do I have to agree to marry her today?”

Shaun casually threw the orange peel on the table. His dark eyes were bottomless. “It takes at least half a year to a year of dating for others to start talking about marriage, but you’re forcing me just a few days after I met her. Is the daughter from the Yule family that special? I wouldn’t have dared to mess with you if I knew this beforehand.”