Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 307

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“Didn’t you hear me? Pack your things and get out.” Shaun slowly and methodically wiped his slender fingertips with a towel, but the words he spat out were like a blade that made people dare not disobey.

Soon, someone came in and took the chef away. A new chef stepped out from the kitchen.

The next chef was careful not to serve poorly lest he anger the young master.

Catherine bowed her head and ate the sashimi seriously. Her portion had belonged to Shaun, and although everyone said that Shaun was doing this for Melanie and Joel, she felt differently in her heart…

She suddenly had a stifling pain in her heart. What was she thinking? She had a fiancé now, and Shaun also had Melanie.

After dinner, the Hill family looked at Melanie even more favorably.

Only Willie tsked in his heart like the elite he was. What a bunch of idiots! They could not even tell that Shaun got angry because of Catherine. Who was Melanie to him?

At that moment, Old Madam Hill said, “Shaun, go accompany Melanie to the private cinema to watch a movie and grow your feelings for one another.”

Shaun glanced around the hall and saw that Catherine had her head lowered. She was fixed on her phone again. His heart surged with anger, and he got up to walk over.

Melanie followed after him happily.

Then, Nicola accompanied the other ladies of the Hill family to play bridge. Joel was also pulled over to play poker, and only Catherine sat quietly on the sofa playing with her phone. No one paid any attention to her or even served her any tea.

Willie rushed over with a platter of fruits and hot tea to serve her.

No matter who Shaun married in the future, the family dinner earlier had let him see that Shaun still cared about Catherine. It was definitely a good idea for him to curry favor with her now.

“Ms. Jones, are you unused to things here? Shall we bowl?”

“No need, I’ll just quietly sit here lest anyone suspects I have something going on with you.” Catherine refused politely.

“That’s right. I don’t have a good reputation in the family, so I’d rather not involve you.” Willie smiled and walked away.

Just as he reached the stairs, Liam came down from upstairs and raised a brow at him. “Do you fancy her?”

“No.” Willie hurriedly shook his head.

“I understand, she really is quite pretty. She’s much more beautiful than Melanie.” Liam clicked his tongue. “If not for the fact that she’s an illegitimate daughter, I might even go after her.”

Willie was startled and said embarrassedly, “Yeah, she’s not worthy of our status.”

“I get it.” Liam raised his brows at him with an ambiguous look.


Willie felt speechless. ‘What do you get? Do you get that she’s Shaun Hill’s woman?’

Catherine sat on the sofa playing games for more than 40 minutes when a maid suddenly came over.

“Ms. Jones, please come with me. The old madam says she wants to see you.”

“What does she want to see me for?”

“I’m not quite sure. I’m just following her orders.”

The old madam lived in the back residence, and Catherine followed the maid over. She was not familiar with this side of the manor. When she approached a courtyard, a small hot spring appeared between the green and verdant bamboo.

“The old madam…” Before Catherine could finish, a force behind her pushed her into the hot spring.