Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 308

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By the time she emerged from the water, the maid had disappeared.

What the chef did at dinner tonight had made her keep an eye out. The maid earlier had used the old madam as an excuse so she had to follow, but she started a recording on her phone when they were making their way over.

She took out her phone. It had dropped into the water, so the screen was black.

She did not know what the other party was up to, so she had to leave quickly.

“Who’s there?”

Behind the bamboo forest, a man suddenly walked over with b**e shoulders. The lower half of his body was wrapped in a bath towel, and that face… It was Willie Hill.

At that instant, Catherine understood. She sighed with relief and laughed.

“Holy sh*t, what are you doing here?” Willie was startled and hurriedly covered his chest. “Go away quickly. Shaun will k**l me if he finds out.”

“I was tricked here by someone.” Catherine climbed out of the water. Her hair was dripping wet, and her clothes clung to her shapely figure. If it were anyone else, Willie would definitely have turned into a beast, but he really did not have the guts when it was Catherine Jones.

“Your clothes are wet. First—”

Before he could finish speaking, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside the courtyard.

Catherine paled. If people saw her dripping wet in the hot spring that Willie was soaking in, she would not be able to explain herself.

“I’ll hold them off for you, so hurry inside. The first room on the second floor is Shaun’s. I’ll inform him later.”

Willie hurriedly walked toward the arched door and was greeted by Valerie, Nicola, Queenie, and many others who were quickly walking over. Even his mother, Yvette, was there.

“What are you all doing here? Peeking at me taking a bath?” Willie smirked and blocked them.

“Go away.” Yvette glared at him. “I heard someone say that Catherine Jones is with you. Did she seduce you? Did you do anything to her?”

She was aware of her son’s conduct and was afraid that he had done something absurd again. She did not want to offend Joel Yule, and she looked down on an illegitimate daughter like Catherine. As long as nothing physical happened between them, she could still stop them from getting married.

“What are you saying?” Willie was baffled. “I was having a soak in the hot spring.”

“Willie, the maid saw with her own eyes that Catherine came to you. You even served her tea earlier. We know what kind of person you are. Don’t tell me you did something to her.” Valerie was about to rush in.

“Hey, Aunt Valerie, aren’t you looking down on me a little too much? Am I that much of a beast?” Willie pretended to be annoyed.

“That’s enough. Get out of my way!” Yvette pushed him away hurriedly.

The group of people rushed in and searched the hot spring for a long time but could not find anyone.

Nicola was dumbfounded. This was not how it was supposed to go. With a person like Willie, he would definitely not have hesitated to pounce when he saw someone as beautiful as Catherine. However, not only was there no trace of a struggle here but the person was gone too.

“Are you guys done? I already said I hadn’t seen her. You guys are so annoying. I just came here to have a soak,” Willie said in an angry voice.

“Where did she go? She can’t have disappeared!” Nicola hurriedly changed her tactics. “She’s Joel’s baby. If something happens, it’ll be over.”

Valerie also echoed, “Don’t worry, I’ll send people to search for her. Since you came to the Hills’ residence as guests, we definitely won’t let anything happen to her.”

Seeing this group of women putting on their act, Willie hurriedly sent a message to Shaun secretly.

In the private cinema, Shaun, who had a face full of annoyance, read the message and immediately stood up. “I have some urgent work to handle. You should just continue watching without me.”

Then, he left before waiting for Melanie to answer.