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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 311

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 311

Joel was not a fool. Upon realizing what had happened, he glared at Nicola.

Nicola was shocked. “What do you mean, Catherine? I heard with my own ears the Hill family’s servant claim that you secretly went to the hot spring. I thought you were planning on seducing Willie. Given Willie’s wickedness, I was worried about you so I hurried there…”

“Yeah, you hurried there. If you had happened to see me in disheveled clothes and Willie pressed against me, my reputation would have been damaged. The Hill family would surely consider me indecent, so how would they possibly agree to let Willie marry me?”

Catherine sighed in a light-hearted manner. “Aunty Nicola, if you were really concerned about me, you would’ve gone to the hot spring alone in secret and not bring the whole family there. You should’ve felt more relieved that you couldn’t find me rather than expose it by kicking up a fuss.”

She expressed every sentence in a clear and orderly manner. Even if Joel was a fool, he would be under no illusions that it had something to do with Nicola.

“Nicola, you’re really wicked.” Joel trembled with anger. “Why are you holding a grudge against a young lady like her? Not only do you and Melanie always target her at home, but you also had the thought of ruining her in the Hill household.”

Catherine frowned. “Dad, couldn’t you tell that even the chef had purposely targeted me during dinner?”

“Oh right, I almost forgot about it.” When Joel recalled the incident, his resentment toward Nicola almost reached the peak. “I remember you telling me that you’re on friendly terms with Valerie, right? I saw both of you hanging out together all day today…”

“Dad, she’s trying to tear us apart. Don’t be tricked by her,” Melanie said anxiously.

“Shut your mouth,” Joel thundered, “Look at how your mom has raised you! You and your mom are both vicious women.”

Melanie was dazed, whereas Nicola flew into a rage. “Joel, you keep protecting her since she returned. I think you still have feelings for Sheryl, that b*tch—”

Before Nicola could finish her sentence, Joel slapped her in the face straight away. “Nicola, you don’t even show remorse for your mistakes. Marrying you is my biggest regret in life.”

“How dare you slap me, Joel?!” Nicola’s face expressed incredulity while she covered the part of her face that hurt. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Come, Melanie. Let’s go to your granny’s house.”

Once Nicola finished speaking, she dragged Melanie and walked out.

“Dad, you’re biased. Ever since Catherine came, you don’t care about us anymore.” Melanie wept while leaving with Nicola.

Joel sat on the couch with a deathly pale face. Catherine then whispered, “Sorry, Dad. I actually didn’t want to tell you, but tonight they—”

“It’s not your fault. I’m useless. I failed to protect you.” Joel seemed to recall something. With a painful look, he made a decision. “I’ll find a way to divorce her.”

Catherine was momentarily stunned, but she kept quiet. There had been a bitter conflict in business between the Yule family and the Wicks family. She reckoned that no one in the Yule family would approve of this idea.

Sobbing, Nicola went back to the Wicks household with Melanie.

Her biological brother, Fergus Wicks, lost his temper as soon as he noticed the wound on Nicola’s face. “Sister, I’ll deal with Catherine. I’ve been harboring a grudge against her because of the land anyway.”

Upon hearing his words, Nicola was relieved. Her brother had always been a ruthless character. He had connections with quite a lot of ruthless people.

It would be all too easy for him to deal with Catherine.

Two days after Nicola and Melanie left, Catherine started leading a comfortable life.

After finishing her breakfast, she drove to the office. When the car was traveling on a meandering mountain road, she suddenly encountered a sharp turn. She tried to hit the brakes, only to discover that the brakes were not working.

The car had been tampered with!


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