Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 314

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Shaun stood outside the ward with bulging veins visible on his fists under his sleeves.

All of a sudden, he felt like a fool for worrying about Catherine and speeding all the way here.

Similar to what had happened in Melbourne previously, he was tricked by her again and again.

She always feigned being pure and shy in front of him, yet she treated Wesley with deep affection behind his back.

What on earth did she take him for?

His eyes revealed a frosty look.

Shaun could not bear to listen to the conversation between Catherine and Wesley anymore. He turned around and walked to the elevator.

Joel, who just came out of the elevator, was surprised to bump into Shaun. “Elder Young Master Hill, what brings you here?”

“My friend was admitted here, so I came to visit.” With a grim expression, Shaun casually replied before he entered the elevator.

His coldness made Joel speechless.

When Joel entered the ward, Wesley was giving Catherine water. Joel heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Wesley treats you really well. He called me this morning after he couldn’t reach you. When he learned that something had happened to you, he immediately flew here. He was already here before you were even awake.”

Catherine did not know what to say, but she had a weak smile spreading across her pale face.

Joel found a chair and sat on it. He sighed. “Compared to a fiancé like Wesley, Elder Young Master… I just bumped into him at the elevator just now. He came to visit his friend. After all, I’m still Melanie’s dad, but he was really indifferent and couldn’t be bothered to find out why I’m here.”

“Elder Young Master?” Wesley was taken aback. “Elder Young Master Hill?”

“Yeah. He’s in a relationship with Melanie,” Joel added, “But I don’t think he’ll actually marry Melanie. Melanie is just muddle-headed. From what I’ve observed, he’s not into her either. That’s not how he should behave if he’s truly in love with her.”

Catherine did not say a word, but her head kept buzzing.

Why did Shaun come to the hospital?

Was he here to visit her? Was he outside the ward just now and decided not to enter after seeing Wesley?

It was just her guess. Anyway, it was difficult to understand what was going on in Shaun’s mind.

“By the way, have you sent the car for investigation, Dad?”

She asked the question as it crossed her mind. “That was the new car you bought for me. Why would the brakes fail?”

Joel looked pale. “I called the police, but by the time the police arrived, the car had been completely burnt. Based on the police’s preliminary analysis, the oil of the engine leaked due to the crash and resulted in the explosion.”

Catherine bit her lip. “I’m sure that it was the left side of the car that crashed. It couldn’t be an oil leakage that caused the explosion.”

“I’ll ask someone to investigate the matter thoroughly,” Joel said furiously, “I’ll surely k**l the person who tried to take my daughter’s life after I find out who it is.”

Catherine thought for a moment and said, “Dad, can you ask the police to spread the news to the public that the person who tampered with my car has been found? Then, get someone to seal off the Yule family’s villa and don’t let anyone enter for the time being.”

Joel was stunned. “Catherine, are you suspecting that someone from our villa tampered with your car? This is quite unlikely. All the servants in the villa have served our family for more than ten years. They’re loyal and reliable—”

“Dad, I’ve only been to the office and the villa these two days, so these two are the suspected places. I’ll spread the news about it. The person who did this must be someone insignificant. He or she will surely panic,” Catherine said seriously, “Just cooperate with me. If I don’t find out who the person is, I might lose my life next time.”

Joel nodded upon listening to her advice.

The downstairs of the hospital.

After getting into the car, Shaun slammed the door. He then lit a cigarette and began smoking it.

When Hadley got into the car, the smoke had already permeated the car. “Elder Young Master Hill, I’ve investigated the accident…”