Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 317

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Catherine kept quiet.

Deep down, she thought that since Nicola could easily get Fergus to k**l her, then her mother could have encountered the same situation back then.

It was not until today that Joel became aware of the vicious streak in Nicola. He probably had never suspected Nicola of having something to do with her mother’s d***h.

“Don’t worry, Cathy. I’m d**d set on divorcing her this time.” After speaking to Catherine seriously, Joel went home and began dealing with the matters regarding his divorce.

Wesley said, “Your dad won’t be able to divorce her.”

“Yeah.” Catherine felt the same. “Nevermind the fact that the Yule family and the Wicks family have worked together for years, Melanie is Elder Young Master Hill’s girlfriend. The Hill family won’t accept a lady from a broken family. Just because of this alone, my grandparents and everyone else in the Yule family will surely disapprove of their divorce.”

A look of pity crossed Wesley’s face. “So this time…”

“It’s impossible to defeat enemies just once.” Catherine dropped her eyes. The only possibility of the Yule family approving of Joel and Nicola’s divorce would be when Melanie was no longer Shaun’s girlfriend.

Late at night.

In the desolate village.

Rebecca ran for her life, trying to get away from the village. These days, she had been tortured by the disgusting old man day and night, almost going insane.

“Stop running, b*tch!” Behind her was a fierce old man who kept going after her with a stick.

Just as the man almost caught up to her, a van suddenly stopped right in front of Rebecca. Someone from the van promptly pulled her in.

The car traveled farther from the man, and he was ultimately left behind. Rebecca felt that everything was like a dream.

She had finally fled. She no longer had to do the laundry and cook, nor would she have to endure hunger and cold. She would not be raped anymore either.

It was Catherine and Shaun who caused her to end up in this state!

“Are you Rebecca?” A man in the car suddenly gazed at her with disgust.

“You know me?” Rebecca got a terrible shock.

“Someone wants to see you.”

Five hours later, Rebecca was taken to a strange place with her eyes blindfolded.

“Where’s this? Who are you guys?”

“You don’t have to know who I am. All you need to know is that I can assist you in taking revenge on Catherine and Shaun.”

A man’s charming voice sounded beside her.

Rebecca was momentarily stunned. She began to be overwhelmed with resentment. “Really? But Shaun’s status is out of the ordinary.”

“Now that I’ve found you, I already have everything figured out. I’ll get you a new identity.”

“Okay.” Rebecca agreed without hesitation.

After being put in a sorry state, she had long since been smoldering with rage. Considering that she had suffered so much, she wanted to take revenge and pay them back with interest.

Canberra, at night.

9:30 p.m. The Hill family’s manor.

As night fell, Shaun walked into the living room. He casually took off his suit and passed it to the servant beside him. His gaze settled on Old Madam Hill, who was waiting for him on the couch.