Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 318

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“You haven’t been home for a few days already. It seems difficult to see you now,” Old Madam Hill taunted Shaun.

“Melanie comes to accompany you every day, doesn’t she?” Shaun teased Old Madam Hill and sat beside her. She was dressed in a dark blue vest and blouse. Her deep-set eyes were always sharp enough to observe everything.

“It’s good that you know it. She doesn’t come here with the sole intention of accompanying me. She wants to see you,” Old Madam Hill said with annoyance, “She’s quite pitiful. Her family has been peaceful all this while, but Joel now insists on getting a divorce after his illegitimate daughter came back. Is he senile? How could he divorce his wife just like that?”

Shaun touched his chin. “Tsk, it looks like Melanie has played a trick on you by persuading you into taking her side.”

“Does she need to persuade me? I’ve seen a lot of d***y tricks used by wealthy families.” Old Madam Hill sighed. “Just like your dad and mom’s divorce, I strongly disapproved of it.”

Shaun took a cigarette. He did not light it right away but played with it first. His brows furrowed deeply, conveying a sense of coldness.

Old Madam Hill let out a sigh. “Today, Melanie told me that it’s Old Master Yule’s birthday next week. She’s planning to invite some relatives and friends to have a meal together. She really hopes that you can make it. If you deny your connections with her at this point, her mom will most probably have to go through with the divorce.”

Shaun pretended to turn a deaf ear to it. He took out a matchbox and playfully lit his cigarette.

“What do you plan on doing? Are you going to attend the celebration?” Old Madam Hill raised her voice out of annoyance. “If you’re not into Melanie, go on a blind date with someone. Anyway, you have to get married this year.”

“I’m going to attend it. Since you’ve made it so clear, I have to go.”

Shaun smiled weakly and rose to his feet. “It’s already late. Have a good sleep.”

“That’s more like it.” Old Madam Hill was finally satisfied with his reply. She then returned to her room to rest.

Soon, the day of Old Master Yule’s birthday arrived.

He had turned 68, but he did not want to celebrate his birthday on a grand scale. He only hired a well-known chef from overseas and set up several tables in the hotel.

Those who were invited to the celebration included those business partners whom he had worked with for years as well as some friends and relatives.

At 11:00 a.m., Joel came together with Catherine and Wesley. He then made a proper introduction. “This is my daughter’s fiancé. He’s also the president of Golden Corporation.”

“Golden Corporation? What company is that? I’ve never heard of it,” Aunty Irene from the Yule family spoke with an undertone of disdain.

Wesley smiled calmly and said, “Golden Corporation is a pharmaceutical group involved in science, industry, and technology. We also have foreign branches. We’ve just set up our business in Canberra and built a new factory of 5,000 square feet in an economic zone recently. So far, we’ve managed to obtain a fund of 50 billion dollars to officially plan our project in the coastal area.”

Everyone was stunned. The economic zone in Canberra had been developing rapidly so far. Considering that he could plan the project in advance and carry it out successfully, it meant this young man was intelligent.

President Warner said, “Old Master Yule, your grandson-in-law is promising. The pharmaceutical field is increasingly well regarded and capable of offering excellent prospects.”

The compliment lifted Old Master Yule’s mood. Previously, Old Master Yule had looked down on Wesley seeing as he came from Melbourne. However, he was quite happy now. “Haha, yeah. My granddaughter has great taste. When they get married, I’ll definitely invite you.”

Catherine was speechless. Her grandfather was indeed a snob.

Nevertheless, she did not expect that her relationship with Wesley would develop so quickly. He had gained a foothold in Canberra even faster than her.

“By the way, Old Master Yule, I heard that you have another granddaughter who’s Elder Young Master Hill’s girlfriend. Why don’t I see her here?” President Curley asked eagerly. “Elder Young Master Hill is coming today, right?”

Old Master Yule’s face turned stiff. In fact, he was not sure about it either.

At that moment, there was a sudden commotion outside.

Everyone turned their gaze in that direction. The tall and handsome Shaun walked in from the entrance. He was wearing a striped dark green suit that was custom-made by a top international designer. He exuded an aura of brilliance that was typical of a high-ranked man like himself. Donned in a red dress, Melanie hooked her arm through Shaun’s with an endearing look on her face.

The two of them were well matched. It seemed as if they were walking on a red carpet.

Behind them were Nicola and Fergus who were grinning from ear to ear.

Nicola and Fergus were really complacent. At first, Shaun was not at all bothered about Melanie. However, Melanie visited the Hill household every day, ultimately persuading him to attend Old Master Yule’s birthday celebration.