Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 319

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What did this mean? It meant that Shaun was ready to disclose his relationship with Melanie to the public.

Melanie would soon get married to Shaun. In that respect, the Wicks family would attain a much higher rank.

“Hey, Melanie. Why didn’t you inform me that Elder Young Master Hill is back?” Old Master Yule quickly went to Melanie in a euphoric manner.

Shaun and Melanie were mobbed and sought after by all the guests present. The guests also tried to butter them up.

“Elder Young Master Hill, you and Melanie are indeed a perfect match for each other.”

“Elder Young Master Hill, it’s my honor to be able to meet you.”

“Madam Yule, you’re truly blessed to have such a lovely daughter.”


In contrast, none of the guests went to talk to Catherine. A look of astonishment washed over Wesley’s face. “Cathy, he’s…”

“Yeah.” Catherine knew what he was thinking. She nodded and frowned deeply.

Little did she expect that Shaun would accompany Melanie to attend her grandfather’s birthday celebration.

As Joel and Nicola were going through a divorce now, Shaun showed up with someone from the Wicks family, clearly indicating his support for Melanie.

Fergus had nearly k****d Catherine last time.

Nevertheless, Shaun still attended for the sake of the Wicks family.

All of a sudden, Catherine experienced a chill. Her heart was shivering from coldness, but she tried her best to suppress her anger.

From today onward, she would be in opposition to him.

However, how would she be able to defeat Elder Young Master Hill who was high up and regarded as the most brilliant figure in Australia?

Upon noticing Catherine’s increasingly pale face and spaced-out look, Wesley suddenly stretched out his hand and held her waist. He said thoughtfully, “Even if it’s Elder Young Master Hill, I won’t let go of you. It’s too late for you to regret, Catherine.”

Stunned, Catherine bit her lip. “You’re overthinking it. It just ran through my mind that it’ll be more difficult to deal with Nicola since he’s taking the Wicks family’s side.”

Wesley hesitated. “Don’t stress yourself out. You just came to Canberra not long ago. Take it easy.”

“Alright.” Catherine was absent-minded.

She wished she could take it easy too.

Nevertheless, once Shaun married Melanie, it would be even harder to destroy the Wicks family.

Shaun, who was mobbed by the crowd, casually turned his eyes to Catherine. He saw Wesley holding her waist, and she seemed to be in Wesley’s arms.

That scene caused a sharp pain in Shaun’s eyes.

Shaun continued to wear a smile, but his gaze was so cold that it appeared to be frozen. Even the guests around him could feel the coldness that his eyes revealed.

Old Master Yule was under the impression that Shaun was annoyed by the large crowd that mobbed him, so he immediately said, “Elder Young Master, come and sit on the seat of honor. The dishes will be served shortly.”

Shaun strode toward the seat of honor and sat down. Melanie was then seated beside him.

Old Master Yule directly pushed Joel toward Nicola and made him sit beside her. He also warned Joel in a low voice, “Elder Young Master is here. It means that he cares about Melanie. If you dare get a divorce, I’ll k**l myself in front of you.”

Boiling with anger, Joel felt that his chest hurt so much that he could not say a word.

“Catherine, come over here with Wesley.” Old Madam Yule waved at Catherine.

As Catherine and Wesley were walking in that direction, Shaun glanced at Wesley lazily. “You’re…?”