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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 322

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 322

Dumbfounded, Shaun turned around and stared at Catherine. Her behavior made his blood boil again. “Catherine, can’t you understand human language?”

“I understand. You mean to say that you can’t possibly break up with Melanie, right?” A bitter smile flitted across Catherine’s face. If that was the case, she should not get together with him either.

Shaun was at a loss for words.

This woman was usually quite intelligent. What had happened to her brain now?

He could not be bothered about her. He immediately hit the accelerator and sped the entire way.

“What are you doing? Let me get out.” No matter how Catherine screamed, Shaun continued to ignore her.

The car traveled straight to Oasis International. Shaun dragged her upstairs and pushed her toward the couch. Boiling with rage, he said, “Catherine, you want me to make things clearer, right? I want you to break up with Wesley right away. You’re allowed to be pregnant with my child. If you’re pregnant, I’ll break up with Melanie.”

Catherine widened her eyes. She acted as if she had been struck by lightning. For a long time, she remained rooted to the spot.

Shaun took off his suit and tossed the clothes on the ground. He placed his hands against the back of the couch and trapped her as he loomed his chest over her body. “Catherine, you’re toxic. This is my limit and also your only chance.”

Catherine was taken aback, and her mind was buzzing.

She could not get her head around his motive, considering that he strongly hated her and had even found her filthy back then.

Now, he would break up with Melanie as long as she was pregnant with his child?

Was it because he still had feelings for her…?

Her heart began to thump. At that point, she did feel moved. However, she was already well aware of the b****l tactics adopted by the Wicks family. It was more than likely that Sheryl’s d***h was associated with the Wicks family.

What was more, since Fergus had attempted to hurt her once, it was possible that he would do it again.

The only shortcut to prevent that from happening was to rely on Shaun.

Upon noticing her startled expression, Shaun carried her and walked up to the bedroom. After placing her on the bed, he swiftly pressed on her and kissed her.

Catherine soon came to her senses and pushed him away. “No way. I can’t do this.”

The burning atmosphere froze all of a sudden.

Shaun glared at her with red eyes. “Why?”

Catherine’s heart ached, and she averted her eyes. “I’m Wesley’s fiancée. Given that he has sacrificed so much for me, I can’t hurt him. Even though I want to take revenge, I don’t want to be a tool for revenge.”


Shaun’s blood slowly became icy. He stared at her grimly for what seemed like an eternity. All of a sudden, he gave a weak laugh.

“Get lost.” He suddenly pushed her to the floor with an air of hostility emanating from his handsome face.

Holding back her tears, Catherine quickly put on her clothes and crawled out of the room.

“Catherine, this is the last chance I’m giving you. You’ll regret it.” Shaun stared at him like a devil.

After shuddering, Catherine left Oasis International without turning her head around.

She returned to the Yule household with unease, only to discover that all the things in her room had been thrown out and were scattered on the grass.

Nicola and Melanie stood at the door complacently. “Bring your things along and get lost. You’re not welcome here.”

Catherine clenched her fists. “This is my dad’s house. You don’t have the right to kick me out.”

“What a joke. I’m Joel’s legitimate wife. This house partially belongs to me. You can’t continue staying here without my approval.”


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