Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 323

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Nicola showed an arrogant expression. “You thought you could make Joel divorce me because of that little accident? Dream on.”

Catherine took out her phone to call Joel. The call was connected, but nobody answered it.

“Stop calling. Old Master Yule is keeping him occupied at the moment,” Nicola mocked, “Can’t you see? Old Master Yule approves the idea of kicking you out as well, so there’s nothing Joel can do about it.”

“Did you hear it? Hurry up and get lost, then.” Melanie even kicked her clothes that had dropped on the ground.

Stifling her anger, Catherine lowered her head and stuffed her clothes into her suitcase one by one.

Only she knew how furious she was deep down.

She would pay them back for humiliating her sooner or later.

However, before Catherine could keep all her clothes, Melanie took some d***y water and splashed it on her straight away. Her clothes were completely drenched.

“Oops, sorry. I was just planning to dump the d***y water away.”

When Melanie was gloating at her situation, Catherine scoffed. “You’re now acting complacently just because you have the Hill family’s support. But have you ever thought that Shaun might abandon you someday?”

Melanie’s expression changed drastically. “What are you bullsh*tting? Elder Young Master Hill is going to marry me soon.”


Catherine bit her lip sarcastically. Considering that Shaun had expressed his intention to get back together with her just now, she thought that he did not really have feelings for Melanie.

As soon as Catherine finished speaking, she brought her things along and left without giving Nicola and Melanie the chance to continue teasing her.

Having no place to stay in Canberra, she had no choice but to stay in a nearby five-star hotel.

At night, Joel hurriedly gave her a call. “Cathy, why did you move out?”

“Dad, don’t you know that I got kicked out?”

“What?” Joel flew into a fury. “D**n, Nicola is such a b*tch! I’m going to deal with her. Where are you? Let me go and pick you up now.”

“No need. I’ll stay outside for the time being,” Catherine replied helplessly, “Now that Nicola and Melanie have Elder Young Master Hill backing them up, I’m afraid they won’t care about you. What’s more, Grandpa is taking their side as well. If I return home, I’ll get bullied instead.”

Joel kept blaming himself. “How useless of me to leave you suffering, Catherine.”

“No worries, Dad. This is just temporary. I believe everything will be fine,” Catherine answered dejectedly while gazing out of the window.

The next day.

After being woken up by her phone, Catherine rushed to the meeting room in the office.

General Manager Wolfe said anxiously, “Chairwoman Jones, although the plot of land along the coast has been approved, we have issues with the license for starting a business there.”

“Did you try pulling some strings?” Catherine rubbed her brows.

“Yes, but it has proved fruitless. They had previously agreed to it.” General Manager Wolfe forced a smile. “But they suddenly changed their minds. They said there’s a conflict over our land and the plot of land beside ours.”

Manager Long from the engineering department asked, “Have we offended anyone in Canberra, Chairwoman Jones?”