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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 324

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 324

Catherine pursed her thin lips. She recalled the way Shaun had spoken when she left yesterday. Was it his doing?

General Manager Wolfe said, “We’ve spent 50 billion dollars on this plot of land. If we don’t get our project started as soon as possible, our capital chain will break and our company will be left high and dry. If that’s the case, you and the other directors might run the risk of going to jail.”

“I’ll find a way out,” Catherine hesitated before she replied.

After the meeting ended, she went to the office to call Shaun only to discover that he had blocked her number.

She gave a bitter laugh. Apparently, she had offended him.

She had no choice but to ask Joel for help. After Joel enquired about the matter, he found it strange. “Cathy, who did you offend? Even I failed to help you this time. I’m sure this isn’t the Wicks family’s doing.”

“I have no idea who I’ve offended either. Let me try and recall.”

Catherine ended the call in a daze. She did not intend to ask Joel to invest in the company to solve the working capital issue. After all, the company was not solely Joel’s. Investing over tens of billions of dollars would require Old Master Yule’s approval. Anyway, Old Master Yule would definitely reject the request.

In the afternoon, Chris came to the office. “Cathy, here’s ten billion dollars or so for the working capital. It should be able to support the company for the time being.”

“Uncle Chris…” Catherine was touched. Under such circumstances, every other director was just criticizing things and defending themselves. They were not willing to contribute any money.

“Your mom built this company painstakingly. I don’t wish to see it shut down.” Chris let out a long sigh. “By the way, what did you find out about your mom’s death?”

After some thought, Catherine replied, “I think my mom’s death has nothing to do with the Wicks family. I bumped into Fergus previously and he was not at all bothered about the incident of hurting me. When I mentioned my mom’s death though, he looked puzzled and didn’t seem to be lying.”

“That’s strange. Before your mom passed away, her last call came from Canberra.” Chris felt bewildered. “Was there someone else behind the incident?”

Catherine rubbed her temples. Her mind was in a mess.

Chris could tell that she was worn out. After a while, he said helplessly, “The stress you’re experiencing now is too much for you at this young age. If you can’t handle it, just return to Melbourne.”


Catherine was in a daze. At times, she felt that she should not have come to Canberra at all. Originally, she thought that her relationship with Joel could improve, which would allow her to gradually gain the upper hand. Nevertheless, the Wicks family was reliant on the Hill family who served as their strong support.

Indeed, she was worn out.

She was out the next few days. However, the relevant parties refused to meet her.

When she walked out of the property bureau, she happened to come across Liam.

Liam was stunned to see her. After not seeing her for some time, he noticed the pale look on the illegitimate daughter of the Yule family’s face. It seemed that she had not been sleeping well the past few days.

She looked tall in a light blue knitwear and a white skirt. Her features were attractive, and her black hair casually fell over her shoulders. Indeed, her beauty could easily evoke a man’s pity.

“You look tired, Miss Jones. Are you facing any issues?” Liam asked with a smile. His appearance was different from Shaun’s. Shaun’s strong features exuded an aura of indifference. In contrast, there was an aura of elegance on Liam. Liam had soft features, and he looked boyish when he smiled.

“Yeah. There’s an issue with the company.” Catherine nodded weakly at him.

Liam raised his brows in surprise. “I’m on good terms with the commissioner here. Perhaps I can lend you a hand?”

Catherine was dumbfounded. She had not planned on asking him for help. After all, he was part of the Hill family. Having said that, she seemed to be left with no alternative.

“Anyway… If I help you, you’ll then owe me a favor.” Liam winked at her with a smile.

Catherine forced a smile. “Considering my low status, I might not be able to return the favor, Second Young Master Hill.”

“It depends. Given that you were able to keep your composure even on the verge of death, I think you’re promising.” Liam suddenly gazed at her and smiled. “I understand how you’re feeling right now. Our situation is similar. In the Hill family, people always call me an illegitimate son who ruined the family.”


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