Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 325

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Catherine was taken aback. She had actually disliked Liam back then. However, both of them were in a similar situation now. “You shouldn’t be bothered about it, Second Young Master Hill. We didn’t get to choose our backgrounds. What’s more, your life is more blissful than mine. Your parents are married.”

“Yeah. Even so, other people tend to compare me to my brother. I always live in his shadow.” Liam shrugged helplessly. “Come, I’ll bring you along to meet the commissioner.”

“…Thank you, Second Young Master Hill.”

Catherine trailed after him after hesitating for a moment. Given that there were over 10,000 employees in the company, she could not afford to give up on the chance.

Three days later.

Shaun returned to Canberra after his meeting abroad ended. As soon as the plane landed at the airport, Hadley reported the company’s situation to him.

Shaun quietly listened. After he got into the car, Hadley said, “The license for Hudson’s land has been settled.”

Shaun took off the tie around his neck. “That’s my territory. Who assisted her?”

“Second Young Master Hill.”


There was a moment of silence.

Hadley felt intimidated when he realized that Shaun was curling his exquisite, thin lips. “What’s Liam planning to do?”

“Is it because Second Young Master Hill has found out about it?” Hadley asked skeptically.

“I think he’s been too idle recently. The project in Country F hasn’t been progressing. Assign him there to deal with it,” Shaun ordered somberly.

Hadley was torn. “The issue of racism in Country F has become very severe. Recently, it’s not very safe there. Old Madam Hill might be upset about it.”

“She’s been upset with a lot of things anyway.” With total indifference, Shaun chuckled. “Is Catherine under the impression that Hudson is safe and she can live her life without worries? Unfortunately, she has too many weak points.”

Furrowing his brows, Hadley sensed that Shaun was going mad. Again, Hill Corporation would soon be in an uproar when it had just finally settled down.

On the day the construction on Hudson’s land began, Catherine gave Liam a call. “Thank you for your help earlier, Second Young Master Hill. I’d like to treat you to a meal as a token of my appreciation.”

“I won’t be able to make it.” Liam gave a bitter laugh. “I’ve just arrived in Country F. My brother assigned me here to follow up on a project.”

Catherine was startled. “But I heard Country F is currently in a mess. There’s an ongoing conflict between the southern and northern parts of the country. Many Australians always get themselves into deep trouble there. How is it possible that Shaun made you go there?”

Liam kept quiet for a minute and then answered, “I’m not too sure either. He suddenly flew into a rage, but anyway, that’s not unusual. I suppose he has long since hated the sight of me.”


Obviously, that was unusual.

Catherine felt like throwing insults. She knew for sure that Shaun had found out that Liam came to her assistance.

“Don’t worry. My mom will find a way to send me back as soon as possible,” Liam comforted her and said.

“Okay. I’ll treat you to a meal when you’re back, then.”

At night, Wesley took her to a western restaurant for dinner.

Wesley did not say a word throughout the journey. No matter how slow-witted Catherine was, she could sense that he was unhappy. “What’s wrong? Who offended you?”

“You moved out of the Yule household and stayed in a hotel alone without informing me. You didn’t inform me about the problem in your company as well.” Wesley frowned in annoyance. “Catherine, I’m your fiancé, but why do I feel that you’re treating me as a stranger?”


Catherine hesitated for a while and said, “You have a lot of matters to deal with in your own company as well. I didn’t want to bother you with my problems—”

“Regardless of the number of matters going on in my company, I can handle them. Since you’re my girlfriend, it’s my responsibility to assist you as much as I can. Aren’t men supposed to share their women’s burden?”

Wesley turned grim. “I know I’m not powerful in a place like Canberra, but I want you to know that no matter what happens, I’ll do my utmost to help you. Cathy, you make me feel very useless.”

“Sorry.” Catherine was apologetic. “I won’t do it anymore.”

“If you’re really apologetic, check out of the hotel and stay with me.” Wesley held her hand. “I’ve bought a villa in Canberra, which is perfect for both of us to stay.”

Catherine subconsciously resisted the idea. When he was injured before this, he was unable to do anything. Now that he had recovered, she could not guarantee that nothing would happen to her if she lived under the same roof as him.