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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 326

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 326


At that very moment, Wesley’s phone rang. After he picked up the call, his expression changed drastically. “I’m coming right now.”

“Cathy, I have some urgent business to attend to. I won’t be able to accompany you tonight.” With that, Wesley rose to his feet and left hurriedly.

Catherine was stunned. Even though she had known him for some time, this was her first time seeing him in such an anxious state.

After she got back to the hotel, she learned through the television that something had gone wrong with the d***s produced by Golden Corporation. At present, Wesley was being detained.

The news astounded her. She quickly brought a lawyer to the detention center. Nevertheless, the lawyer failed to bail Wesley out.

This scene was rather familiar. It reminded Catherine of when she was arrested in Melbourne.

The only difference was that the person was Wesley this time.

The lawyer said, “Miss Jones, President Lyons must have offended someone. He could’ve been bailed out for such a case. Since the police refuse to release him, I can’t do anything. Now there’s no leader in Golden Corporation, and the construction has come to a halt. If President Lyons continues to stay in the detention center, Golden Corporation will be ruined within a week.”

Catherine’s legs turned into jelly. She had figured out everything. The incident surely had to do with Shaun.

She thought that Hudson was safe and she had managed to escape danger. Instead, she had gotten Liam and Wesley into trouble.

She had never hated a man so deeply.

Shaun was truly despicable.

At that point, she bitterly regretted provoking a devil.

She was well aware of Shaun’s intention.

How was she going to face Wesley when he was out later?

Catherine had difficulty falling asleep the entire night.

People from the Lyons family kept calling her.

Amid her sobs, Old Madam Lyons said, “Catherine, you must save Wesley. You can ask your dad for help. If he remains detained, our family will be pushed to a tight corner.

“Catherine, Wesley has only one kidney. He won’t be able to make it in the detention center.”

“…Don’t worry. I’ll find a way out.”

Catherine promised Old Madam Lyons in agony.

At the break of dawn, she headed to the office of Hill Corporation by car.

Once she approached the receptionist, the security guard chased her out.

“Who do you think you are? Not any Tom, D**k, or Harry is allowed to meet our president.”

“Get out right now.”

The security guard closed the door straight away.

Catherine had no choice but to wait outside. Only when the sky darkened did she finally see Shaun driving his car out of the car park.

She immediately drove her car to catch up to him.

The driver in the Rolls-Royce reminded Shaun, “President Hill, there’s a white car following us.”

Shaun, who was flipping a document, paused a little and then replied indifferently, “Let it be.”

Half an hour later, the car arrived downstairs of the clubhouse.

“Stop here,” Shaun said while closing the document.

The driver was dazed. “But you usually enter through the elevator of the car park after I park the car.”


The driver’s question was not met with any response. Somehow, he began to feel intimidated and was finally aware that he had gone too far. He immediately parked the car.

Shaun directly opened the door and walked out. When he headed toward the main entrance, Catherine ran over like lightning and blocked him.

“What are you planning to do?” The bodyguard blocked her when she was in front of Shaun. He was on high alert.


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