Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 327

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“Shaun, I want to have a word with you.” Catherine’s dark eyes rested on Shaun whose hands were shoved in his pockets. He stared at Catherine impassively with his outstanding features as if she was a stranger.

Even though the bodyguard had not seen Catherine before, he directly approached her and pushed her to the ground abrasively as she was trying to capture Elder Young Master Hill’s attention.

With a stony expression, Shaun lifted his long legs and walked upstairs.

Holding back the pain, Catherine got to her feet and went after him. “Shaun, I’ll agree to all your demands from before as long as you stop making things difficult for Wesley and his company.”

His tall figure stopped. Shaun finally turned around and looked at her. He curved his mouth into an imperceptibly icy smile. “I don’t even know what demands I made before this.”

Catherine was dazed. A moment later, her face turned pale.

She could not possibly outwardly voice her agreement to sleep with him. Putting aside the fact that they were currently under the public’s gaze, she would not even do that with only the two of them around.

After giving it a thought, she realized that he did not seem to have demanded anything that night. He had only given her options.

She bit her lip and dropped her eyes. Her low, hoarse voice sounded modest. “Elder Young Master Hill, I was immature back then. You’re a magnanimous person, so please don’t get hung up on it.”

“So…?” Shaun turned around and took two steps forward. He stopped in front of her, his eyes expressing sarcasm. “Do you think that everything will be okay if I sleep with you since you’ve expressed your regret and guilt?”

Following his bluntness, Catherine’s face flushed with embarrassment, and she was on the verge of tears.

“Tsk. You look great when you’re on the verge of tears. It arouses my sympathy.” Shaun gently touched her chin. “I’ll give you another chance. Come with me.”

Once he finished speaking, he entered the clubhouse.

Despite not knowing Shaun’s plan, Catherine followed him into the clubhouse as she knew that it was the only chance to save Wesley. She then took the elevator up.

When the door of the private room was opened, five to six men were seen sitting inside. Some were plump, some were thin, and some were old.

The moment the men noticed Shaun’s arrival, they immediately stood up and fawned over him.

“Elder Young Master Hill, you’re finally here.” A man with a belly could not stop looking at Catherine once his eyes settled on her. “Elder Young Master Hill, you even brought along a stunning beauty with you. You’re making us jealous.”

“President Gorman, you don’t have to be jealous. In fact, I deliberately got this beauty for you.” Shaun smiled faintly. Nevertheless, the statement came as a blow to Catherine.

She stared incredulously at the handsome, elegant man who was chatting cheerfully. How could he treat her this way?

“Really?” President Warner was full of joy.

“Yeah. Thanks to you, the project in New Zealand could develop so quickly. With you visiting Canberra this time, it’s certainly a special occasion. I’ll definitely have to thank you.”

Shaun indifferently gestured to Catherine with his eyes. “Go and accompany President Warner now.”

“You…” Catherine’s thin lips turned pale and quivered. Clearly, she was still unable to resign herself to the situation.

Shaun approached her and said beside her ear in a devilish tone, “Get lost if you can’t accept it.”


With that, he sat on the seat of honor. Looking at his tall figure, Catherine felt as if a hole was cut in her chest and it was dripping with blood.

On her way here, she had been under the impression that he cared about her regardless of his behavior. She thought that he was just trying to force her to be with him again.

Considering everything that was happening at the moment, she was completely clear-headed now.

If he was truly in love with her, he would not be ruining her and pushing her into the abyss.

At that point, she felt the strong urge to run away as far as she could from the man.

Having said that, what would happen to Wesley if she left?

Would he be locked up forever?

Her conscience would really bother her if she left now.

“Hi, President Warner.” She struggled to give a ghastly smile and sat beside President Warner.

“Haha, thanks, Elder Young Master Hill.” President Warner hugged Catherine straight away.

The moment Catherine sniffed the strong smell of alcohol and cigarette on him, she almost vomited. However, she had no choice but to grin and bear it while gnashing her teeth.