Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 328

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Shaun, who was seated opposite Catherine, subconsciously narrowed his eyes. He nearly crushed the wine glass in his hand as a result of him clenching too hard.

D**n. He initially intended to just teach her a lesson and frighten her. When he caught sight of President Warner touching her though, he somehow felt like chopping his hands off.

However, now was not the time for Shaun to fly into a fury. Having been pampering Catherine too much, he planned to give her a lesson. He was not going to save her until she got into a desperate situation so that she would learn her lesson and submit to him.

“Glad that you like it,” Shaun replied nonchalantly. “Have a toast with President Warner.”

In her despair, she could not sense the rage nor grimness in his eyes.

By the look of things, she would not be able to escape the situation tonight.

“President Warner, let me propose a toast to you…”

“There’s no point doing this. You’d better finish this whole bottle right away,” President Warner said with a hearty laugh.

Catherine reluctantly finished the whole bottle. In fact, she had a high alcohol tolerance. However, she soon became dizzy, probably because she had something on her mind that night.

She thought that the dinner would last long. Surprisingly, Shaun rose to his feet and put on his suit when it was just 8:00 p.m. He curled his thin, cool lips. “I hope you have fun tonight, President Warner.”

With that, he left without looking back.

Catherine watched his back vanish from sight at the elevator. He did not even once turn his head around.

At that moment, she finally understood the feeling of heartbreak and how it felt to be in an abyss.

Even the slightest affection she had for him had now disappeared into thin air.

“Let’s go and have a one-night stand.” President Warner hugged Catherine who resembled a puppet without a soul.

She was not sure how she got upstairs either. When she entered the room, she gazed at President Warner’s fat, eager face. She forced herself to accept him, but she was filled with disgust. “Hold on, President Warner. Let me take a shower first.”

“You smell so good. There’s no need to shower,” President Warner answered with a chuckle.

“I want to make myself cleaner and offer you a wonderful night, President Warner,” Catherine said unwillingly.

“Tsk, you’re such a sweet talker. Fine, I’ll wait for you.” President Warner pinched her face.

After walking into the bathroom, Catherine slid down the door like a bird that had broken its wings. Tears were flowing down her face uncontrollably.

She was plunged into utter frustration and anxiety.

Initially, she planned to treat it as being bitten by a dog.

Having said that, why did she find it so difficult?

She failed to do it. She was on the verge of falling apart as she could not bring herself to accept it.

She was exhausted, really exhausted. She wanted to return to Melbourne so badly. She missed her grandmother.

She did not feel like leaving the bathroom. However, there was no turning back, given that she was already at a d**d end.

She let the water from the showerhead run down her body. To her astonishment, President Warner was not urging her to finish her shower.

She took her own sweet time coming out of the bathroom and only did so 50 minutes later.

She was shocked to discover that President Warner had mistaken the pillow on the bed for her. The sight of his fat body immediately made her vomit all the alcohol she had that night.

“Disgusting, huh?” Suddenly, a man’s deep and nonchalant voice sounded from the balcony.

She turned her head around, only to discover Shaun standing at the balcony. His tall figure, which resembled an upright pine tree, was half-visible in the dark. His dark eyes were like an abyss.

The man slowly approached her. He gazed at her messy, long hair on her shoulders which had just been blow-dried. Her face was so pale that it had lost color. Seemingly, her eyes indicated that she had gone through countless struggles and pain and was now driven to despair.

With such an appearance, she looked more staggeringly beautiful.

“Shaun, what on earth are you planning to do?” Catherine nearly went mad as a result of being tortured by him the whole night. She admitted that he had managed to make her regret having rejected him previously. He had also made her experience an unprecedented sense of fear.

“Catherine, I want you to understand that it’s your honor that I’m showing an interest in you. Don’t be ungrateful anymore,” Shaun warned indifferently.

Catherine broke down and roared, “You’re basically a devil, Shaun!”