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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 329

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 329

“Yeah, I’m basically a devil. Now, I’m giving you the last chance. It’s up to you to decide,” Shaun scoffed. He turned around and headed toward the door.

Catherine forced a smile. She really did not want to let him have his own way.

Compared to the fat man who could already become her dad based on his age, she would rather sleep with Shaun.

“…I …I don’t want to accompany him.” Catherine went after Shaun and wrapped her arms around his waist shamelessly.

Shaun looked back nonchalantly and threw a glance at her. He pulled her arms apart and ordered, “Come to Oasis International with me.”

Catherine trailed behind him silently.

Once Shaun entered the room, he sat on the bed. The lights above him highlighted his perfect features.

“Why? Are you expecting me to teach you what to do?” He raised his brows and curved his mouth into an evil smile.

Catherine approached him with a flushed face. Quivering, she kissed his lips.

After she fell asleep in the middle of the night, Shaun took his phone and snapped a photo of her. He sent it to Wesley.

The next day.

Catherine woke up only to find Shaun sitting beside her while he smoked. He was lazily dressed in pajamas.

At the thought of last night’s incident, she looked a little uneasy.

The moment she moved her body, Shaun turned around and gazed at her.

Their eyes met. Shaun put down the cigarette and bent over to touch her long, black hair. “Are you also shy when you’re with Wesley?”


Her face completely lost all color in an instant.

Catherine lifted her head and stared at him. Anger rushed into her head at that moment. “Wesley and I have never done it!”

Shaun raised his brows. “Really? I don’t buy it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stood up and walked to the changing room.

How Catherine wished she could use the pillow to break his head. He was a b*stard!

Five minutes later, Shaun walked out looking presentable like an elegant gentleman. It left Catherine sighing and wondering if what she had seen last night was an illusion.

“Where’s my breakfast? Go and prepare it,” he ordered in a self-righteous manner.

Catherine remained still. “Shouldn’t you agree to let go of Wesley first? I’m guessing you’re a man of your word and won’t break your promise, right?”

Shaun curved his mouth into a grim smile. “You really love Wesley, huh? You can actually go as far as sacrificing your body for him.”

“Whatever.” Catherine was too lazy to explain further since he would not believe what she said anyway.

Her indifference ruined the cheerful mood Shaun had been having since last night. He kicked open the door of the room and said nonchalantly, “Don’t worry, I’ll do as I promised, but you’re not allowed to get together with him anymore. You need to stay obedient and be my woman from now on, or he’ll be left high and dry next time.”

With that, he went downstairs.

A bitter smile spread across Catherine’s face. Even without him warning her, she would be too ashamed to be with Wesley again.

She stopped being hopeful about her future partner.

After washing up, Catherine dragged her aching body down the stairs.

She walked to the kitchen. Upon opening the refrigerator, she was at a loss for words. “There’s nothing else inside except for eggs. What do you expect me to prepare for breakfast?”

“I’ll eat eggs, then.” Shaun was already hungry even though he usually had a poor appetite.

Catherine kept quiet for a minute. She then prepared two fried eggs and four boiled eggs.

While eating the eggs, Shaun wondered how she made them. Even the boiled eggs were tasty.

After finishing the eggs, he was unable to get enough of them. He then said, “You prepared very few eggs. It’s not enough for me.”

Catherine was speechless.

He must be crazy. Who would have so many eggs in the morning? Overeating eggs would contribute to high cholesterol.

“Fine. I’ll prepare more delicious food tomorrow.”

Shaun rose to his feet and tossed a black card on the table. “Move to a new block this afternoon. I have an apartment there. Melanie and my grandmother know about this place, so it won’t be convenient for you to stay here.”

Looking at the card, Catherine forced a smile. Was she his secret lover now? She mocked, “What a blessing it must be to be surrounded with women, Young Master Hill.”

“Don’t blame me. I gave you the option to get pregnant with my child and I would’ve abandoned Melanie. You were the one who turned it down. Well, you don’t have the chance now.” Shaun took his coat and left without looking back.

Catherine sat on the chair for half an hour before she stood up and drove to the police station. On her way there, she bought a contraceptive pill and swallowed it.

Everything went smoothly this time. The lawyer spent only about ten minutes bailing Wesley out.

Wesley was not injured. He just looked haggard as he had not gotten enough rest inside due to excessive worrying.

“Sorry, Cathy. I’ve made you worry about me.” Wesley went to her and hugged her tightly.

“Glad that you’re fine.” Catherine remained still while feeling bitter deep down. She really had no idea how to initiate a breakup with him.

“Cathy, don’t leave me, okay?” Wesley suddenly said beside her ear.

Catherine’s throat hurt slightly. With his intelligence, Wesley had actually figured that the incident had to do with Shaun.

“Let’s go home.” Wesley held her hand while walking out.

“Mr. Lyons, you’ve forgotten to take your personal belongings.” A police officer went after him to return his things to him.

Those things included his phone, wallet, and watch.

After getting into the car, Wesley turned on his phone. Many notifications of messages and missed calls popped out.

He went through them one by one. The moment he looked at a specific photo, his face turned white.

Covering his chest, he suddenly bent over in pain. The phone fell from his palm as well.

“What’s wrong with you, Wesley?” Catherine was shocked. She quickly held him up, only to realize that his limbs were trembling. He looked as if he was going to faint.

She clutched his hands, wondering why he was in this state after he looked at his phone.

All of a sudden, she shifted her gaze to the ground, only to catch sight of the photo on the screen. In the photo, she was seen sleeping soundly in Shaun’s arms. Her eyes were closed, and her flushed face seemed to say it all.

What upset her even more was that the date of the photo taken was displayed at the bottom. The timestamp was 3:00 a.m. right on this day.


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