Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 330

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Catherine figured out everything within seconds.

It was Shaun who took the photo and deliberately sent it to Wesley.

As such, there was no way she could conceal what had happened.

“Hurry up and send President Lyons to the hospital,” she immediately said to the chauffeur.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor quickly performed a medical examination and put a nasal cannula on Wesley.

“You’re his girlfriend, right? Let me remind you that he’s left with just one kidney. Try not to expose him to provocation and stress. He also needs to eat a healthy diet so that he can live longer,” the doctor reminded, “We can only let him relax for now. It can’t actually solve the fundamental problem.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Catherine expressed her gratitude to the doctor before seeing him off.

In the ward, Wesley kept coughing while covering his chest. Catherine poured a glass of warm water and brought it close to his mouth.

He froze for a moment before he held the glass. He cast a complicated glance at her that was filled with pain. “Did he force you to do it?”

“Sorry.” Catherine was too ashamed to look into Wesley’s eyes. “If you had continued being locked up for a few more days, you’d feel unwell and your company wouldn’t be able to survive as well.”

Suddenly, Wesley smashed the glass of water on the floor. His handsome face emanated fury. “Shaun has gone too far with his power.”

This was the first time Catherine saw Wesley filled with so much indignation. Looking at the shattered glass, she was at her wits’ end. “Don’t do this. The doctor said that you must not feel agitated.”

Wesley clutched her hand. After inhaling deeply, he slowly calmed down. “I know you did that for my sake. I’m useless. I won’t blame you.”

He held her so tightly that it hurt her.

Catherine knew that his words did not match his thoughts. It would be impossible for any other man who was in his shoes to accept it.

“It’s okay, Wesley.” She forced a smile. “I’m cheap. I don’t qualify to be with you. Also, Shaun keeps trying to suppress you when we’re in a relationship. Can you bear seeing Golden Corporation be ruined because of you? Think about your parents. Considering their old age, all they want is to live in peace.”

“From all you’ve said, you actually have the thought of getting back together with Shaun, don’t you?” Wesley suddenly looked up and cast his eyes on her. His gentle and elegant face was now exceedingly grim. “You’ve never stopped thinking about him. At this point, only he’s capable of bringing you back to the Yule family and kicking Nicola and Melanie out.

Shocked, Catherine felt a sense of frustration deep down. If she had wanted to be with Shaun again, she would not have waited until this moment. “So this is how you’ve seen me all this while…”

“…Sorry.” Seemingly struck by something, Wesley wrapped his hands around his head in an embarrassed manner. “Cathy, don’t leave me, okay? If you hadn’t offered me hope back then, I wouldn’t be so frustrated now.”

Looking at how fragile Wesley was, Catherine felt extremely guilty. As she was well aware of Shaun’s brutality, she had no choice but to say bluntly, “If I continue to be with you, I’ll be the one putting you through h**l. You can find a woman who’s better than me in the future.”

“Don’t push me away in haste. Let time decide our relationship, okay?” A bitter smile crossed Wesley’s face.


By the look of things, Catherine could only choose to be silent.

After Wesley was done with the IV infusion, she asked the chauffeur to send him back to his villa.

“Where are you going?” Wesley gripped her hand, unwilling to let her go just like that.

Again, his question was met with silence.

“Are you going to meet Shaun?” Wesley tightened his grip uncontrollably.

She gasped in pain, feeling helpless. “Wesley, go and deal with your company’s matters. We’ll talk to each other later.”


Wesley stared at Catherine in agony for ten seconds before he slowly released his grip.

“Take care…” Catherine bit her tongue when she advised him. Then, she turned around and left.